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Candybooru image #4916, tagged with CatPOWER_(artist) Daisy


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Propbably my best one yet, it took longer than the others and I used a smalled brush for the outline :D

CatPOWER 7 years ago.

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CatPOWER 7 years ago.

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did you really put your initials on something that you traces? good lord almighty

isabelle 7 years ago.

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Hey, I dont mean to say 'oh look at this, I drew it all by myself' I just ment it by saying 'this is what I traced' So im sorry if you think that i was trying to 'claim' this artwork as my own.

CatPOWER 7 years ago.

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this is really good for something you traced :) you did her tail really well!!

iSpyy 7 years ago.

Comment ID #41047

Awww, thats a cute Dai-

Osarx 7 years ago.

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Thanks iSpy, its good to have some nice feedback for once -.-

CatPOWER 7 years ago.

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tracing doesn't impress me. Referencing does, but not tracing.

meeps114 7 years ago.

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Tbh I don't see what you hope to gain from tracing images. It isn't going to help you improve your artistic ability, and your only going to get flak for it.

I mean, if the trace was of a higher resolution and of better quality than the original image then I could understand. Enough of your terrible MS Paint JPG images.

Anialator 7 years ago.

Comment ID #41078

Try drawing with your own style. When I see something like this, I normally don't click it. I'm not sure posting all of your traced art is such a good idea.

Darkwolf328 7 years ago.

Comment ID #41089

I agree with Anialator

It seems rather rushed, the out lines are very jagged, like you used a line tool in MS Paint. The shading works well but I think you need more around the head.

Also I noticed you didn't add any whiskers, not sure if it was intentionally not added or just forgetful, like how people forget the tails of the characters.

I wouldn't say don't trace I would just say put more consideration into them and like Anialator said draw it in something like Photoshop where there are more editing tools or flash where the lines round themselves in some areas.

JetFire 7 years ago.