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Candybooru image #5027, tagged with David DeSpErAtE567_(Artist)


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Something I did for fun.

DeSpErAtE567 10 years ago.

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What is he planning?

AwesomeKid14 10 years ago.

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Hahaha this is fantastic :)

Anialator 10 years ago.

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I can give voice!
David: *snrk* That hug I gave Paulo... WASN'T ACTUALLY A HUG! *insane laughter*
Paulo: "What was it then?"
David: *gasp* That phone that was pressed against your leg... wasn't a phone.
David: "Nope. Not a knife either..."
Paulo: *with a blank stare pours gasoline on his leg and lights himself on fire*

OrinjNanu 10 years ago.

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(^ the above)wha---?

Buttered_Toast 10 years ago.