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Candybooru image #5382, tagged with Abbey AbbeyxDaisy Daisy David Lucy Mike MikexSandy MittieJane_(Artist) Paulo Sandy Sue Tess


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This...well it scares me a bit...

Darkwolf328 9 years ago.

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getting a bit cozy there sue

Taeshi 9 years ago.

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I'm 12 and what is abbey doing?

Hamshi 9 years ago.

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Abbey is holding his girlfriend.
And this is gunna happen in the comic I bet.

Grubey 9 years ago.

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I do like this drawing, even though it has some obvious errors. I drew this as a way of hoping Lucy realizes she's not alone.

@Darkwolf328: May I ask why?

@Taeshi: I swear that was unintentional. I'm not really into Sue/Lucy. She's close to her due to being her 2nd closest friend. (Paulo would be first now that Mike no longer considers her a friend.)

@Grubey: That's what I'm hoping for.

MittieJane 9 years ago.

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How do you know that Sue is Lucy's second closest friend? They barely talk.

Sammy 9 years ago.

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@Sammy: Well, I may have been overstating "2nd closest friend". But Taeshi did answer on formspring that Sue would be another close friend of Lucy. But it is subjective, I guess. I only answered with that because I figured that since Mike seems to no longer be her friend as of "December", I figured in my mind since Paulo would of shot up to #1 on closest friend, Sue became 2nd in that category.

It also probably doesn't help that Lucy hasn't really been close with her friends since "Pillow Talk" so...

Sorry if I confused you there. :(

MittieJane 9 years ago.

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Why the long face Lucy! :D

Leo-Inu 9 years ago.

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David's magical arm

Mayonaka 9 years ago.