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Candybooru image #5760, tagged with Lucy Voluntas_(Artist)


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Sorry if this is too similar to the other one, but it's an experiment with colour. If it goes down well, the older one could be removed, I guess.

Voluntas 6 years ago.

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I really like it

Sen 6 years ago.

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Voluntas: You seem to be new here. Your art is awesome. I like it.

johnny_hurricane 6 years ago.

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(DAMN I hit "post" too early.")
Personally, I think the color experiment you've tried here worked excellently. I would love for you to try and color the other sketches you've uploaded, especially Paulo and Amaya.

johnny_hurricane 6 years ago.

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Awkward moment when I'm pretty sure Voluntas /isn't/ new.

This looks good, though I think her left ear looks a bit off (Her left, I mean, not ours), as though it's facing the wrong way.

Sparkfur 6 years ago.

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You have a point, Sparkfur. I hadn't noticed that. Damn. And I've had an account for a while, but only did anything with it about a week ago.

And if I colour any others, I'll probably do something a little different. This is a little -too- subtle (some people have struggled to see it on their monitors) and it would fit better with smoother lines than pencil sketch.

Voluntas 6 years ago.