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Candybooru image #5798, tagged with Blur Lucy Mike Strawberries777_(Artist) Yashy


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This should be the cover to Volume 2.

NintendoSegaSonyGuy 6 years ago.

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i already had my happy fit on DA, happy that you posted it ;___;

Taeshi 6 years ago.

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I really like this.

Laufente 6 years ago.

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I wanted to know, what is the font used on the title? i want it bad...

Ronyle143 6 years ago.

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I think it's VAG Rounded, or something like that.

ZoeStellan 6 years ago.

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Skinny mike looks really good, actually.

Migrant 6 years ago.

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OMG, so sorry for not getting back to you. (I just uploaded it then ran off...X'D)
The font for the author's name is Berlin Sans FB Demi.
As for the title, I don't know... I just stole it from the original book cover and then retraced it as a vector (took a million years...;_;)

Thank you all for your nice comments, though! :D

Strawberries777 6 years ago.