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Candybooru image #5875, tagged with Carson David Fritjof_(Artist) Paulo PauloxCarson


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I thought of it after I read the chapter and decided to draw it. No one ever ship this. Please.

Fritjof 8 years ago.

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Too late, there's already a dirty fanfiction involving them.

MiwAuturu 8 years ago.

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Oops, didn't know that. I'm really only on the candybooru, so... But in other news, I apologize for the proportions in Paulo's body. My scanner is broken, so I need to take pictures to post. Fortunately, I have a good camera, but sometimes I wind up with a skewed angle that ruins the proportions.

Fritjof 8 years ago.

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Okay, that David is just priceless XD

Laufente 8 years ago.

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David looks like a giant thumb.

Carolbvw 8 years ago.