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Candybooru image #5888, tagged with Daisy Kera_(Artist) excellent human


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I always imagined a lot of the BCB characters as POC's, since it does take place in the West and I went to a lot of diverse schools growing up. I thought Daisy would be cute as a half black/half white girl with curly blond-brown hair. :3

Kera 7 years ago.

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This is so adorable!! It's a refreshing interpretation rather than all animu whiteys all the time :D

Taeshi 7 years ago.

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Thank you! #^_^#

Kera 7 years ago.

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Oh wow!!
I am totally in love with this interpretation and now that I see it, I can't imagine it otherwise? Goshhhhh so perfect for her.
Not to mention it is all kinds of adorable, oh gosh, you have a cute style.

Stofu 7 years ago.

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Really nice! I never would have imagined her like that, and it's really neat. The coloring is little rushed, but I really do like it.

BBRhymes 7 years ago.

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Ace 7 years ago.

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lol, @Ace. I love Community and Shirley's my favorite character.

Kera 7 years ago.

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I am loving black Daisy, please draw more of her! Your style is just too cute!

Leaving_a_Comment 7 years ago.

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Very original, but I don't really imagine Daisy as being black. She's too upper-middle class girly, suburban. I can imagine her as one of those kids who are afraid of black people.
Then again, it's all just stereotypes, really. If Roseville High was in Cape Town, Bombay, Jakarta or Rio de Janeiro I'm sure I wouldn't have found it odd at all.

Migrant 7 years ago.

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Migrant is a racist idiot so let's not listen to him.

I think this is really intriguing! While it's a sketch, it feels like a pretty well considered character design. So, excellent'd.

SuitCase 7 years ago.

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Awesome! This is gonna be how I imagine Daisy from now on <3

Maxcine 7 years ago.