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Candybooru image #5976, tagged with Lucy Mike mellochuu_(Artist)


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A song was sung to ease the pain. A tearful song for all the strain. Yet another blow did she gain. Is this girl to go insane?

Hoheh 7 years ago.

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I see no-one does comment, but some of us likely have spent a little while since DD times loving her madness, not his crimes. The story, tough to predict, leads many fans' minds feeling quite tricked. Say what you will and all you might, but I think this one stops, all right?

Hoheh 7 years ago.

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Vary cute draw, mano. :love: :love:

Jack "Silver" says:
- Too much beatiful is your voice - @ faint by nosebleeding

Mil_Faces 7 years ago.

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i don't know how but swear i can sort of feel her pain

vixeL 7 years ago.