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Candybooru image #6058, tagged with Daisy NinjaFox_(Artist)


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Hello BCB fanbase and/or Admins! :D This is my first time uploading something here, so please leave constructive critisim, maybe? :x For my first picture I decided to draw Dasiy! She's one of my favorites. ;_; (Look at that cutie, lol.) I can NOT draw backgrounds, so thats why it's crappy. XD ~NinjaFox

NinjaFox 7 years ago.

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Okay, here's some constructive criticism. First off, the spiral on her tail isn't connected to her tail. She only has a spiral on one of her cheeks...why? I'd suggested just putting a spiral on the top of her head, not on either cheek. The pearl necklace should extend past her outline. The eye line is pretty thick, but that's fine as long as that's what you were going for. I really like the shape of her head the way you drew it. The way you did the little cheek puffs are wonderful! Your outlines for the head and tail are fairly smooth, which is nice. Keep on drawing! <3

meeps114 7 years ago.

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Ok, thank you! :) The reason the necklace is like that, is because after I finished the drawing, I relized I hadn't put it there... So I kind of rushed it. XD So yeah, thank you for the critisim. x3

NinjaFox 7 years ago.

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may i do so as well >:3? and btw ill ask ....JoJo what she thinks when she gets back but here are "my" tips , first of i agree with every thing on comment 2 form meeps AND if you really wanna name this art " yours " don't put stamps on it :1 toot-a-loo ^^<3 >:P

jodi852963 7 years ago.

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Um, put stamps on it? What are you talking about, I stated that "I can't draw backgrounds". Meeps didn't say anything mean about my background and I appreciate that! And of course this is my art if by stamps you mean the heart and the star it makes no difference. The background is just for looks, I drew everything, just because I didn't make the heart and the star does not make my art bad.

NinjaFox 7 years ago.

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hey hey hey ! Im back Ninja :D sorry for my jack assed sister , some reason she got into my dairy and saw my accounts =.= yaaaaaa...
ANY WAYS i love this pic and if u ever get any haters, just remmember this : " They're jealous
of what you can do and they can't"
oh and i might get back on the chat with a diff user ONLY to talk to u ^^

jodi852963 7 years ago.

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Jodi! Omg, I've missed you so much! If I need to I can make a chat where only my freinds can talk and we can hang out and stuff. Also, I got kittens and their so cute~ #^_^#

NinjaFox 7 years ago.

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OMG and i tots agree on the chat , pllllzzzzz make one! and when we get on , YOU "HAVE" SO SHOW ME A PIC OF DEM!!! :love: :love: :love:

jodi852963 7 years ago.

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Haha, okay I'll make a chat when I get my internet again. Yeah I'll show you picks of Augustus and GrayStripe. Also I got on my moms phone to repley your comment, haha. #^_^# :D 8-D

NinjaFox 7 years ago.

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Mikanada 7 years ago.

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Wha- What? D:

NinjaFox 7 years ago.