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You gessed it: MS Paint xD

But the text is photoshop

Mikanime on June 13, 2012.

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I tried to forget about them in general.

Ace on June 14, 2012.

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I forgot about them because Taeshi and all the BCB characters did. :P

The only two that could ever play MAJOR roles in Lucy or Mike's behavior, help them, or inspire them, Lily and Blur, are continually pushed to the side for whatever goddamn reason. However, I don't miss the useless and annoying as fuck Yashy or Chirpy.

NintendoSegaSonyGuy on June 14, 2012.

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The only one I liked was Lilly, the others are just annoying and have been out of my mind forever

Leo-Inu on June 14, 2012.

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who are they?

Meowth on June 14, 2012.

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Meowth: Sandwich ingredients.

Anialator on June 14, 2012.

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I have never forgotten them and I miss them... :(

Grubey on June 15, 2012.

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I never forgot them. ;-;

Turbocharge on June 20, 2012.

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where's that black bird? :question:

mikethebutthurtkorat on September 7, 2012.