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Candybooru image #6364, tagged with Contest Lucy Lush_(Artist) human


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Okay let me explain a few things here. First off, this is unfinished by a LONG SHOT. The reason I uploaded it in this state with sketchy lines, framework and flat colors is because my laptop crashes every 5 minutes or so resulting in a loss of most of my work if I don't save often. I may lose the entire thing if I'm not careful so I at least wanted something here.

Next, the black parts are bike shorts. I like them. The ribbon is the star necklace from Lucy's original design and the blue sash belt is of course representing Mike's scarf. Hah. Symbolism.

If I manage to make a better version I will upload that one. Also, my tablet crashes my laptop entirely the moment it's plugged in so a lot of this was done with a crappy mouse. Heh.

Lush 6 years ago.

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lucy what happened to your arms and legs :(

SpaceMouse 6 years ago.

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Hehe. Well, she sort of started out as just a torso, wasn't even a head. I drew her arms, but then they ended up covering her sash in whatever position I put them, unless they were positioned in a very stupid way. So I took them off since her arms didn't have any accents to her dress, although I was thinking of adding some gloves.

I promise if my laptop holds out though, I'll draw her arms and legs in. Sorry. D:

Lush 6 years ago.

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I am digging this entry. :3 When you finish it, don't forget to repost on the thread! <3 model/

RC 6 years ago.

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Don't worry about posting it unfinished, we will make sure to delete it once the final image is posted! Plenty of WIP get posted here that get replaced with final work.

Taeshi 6 years ago.

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Shouldn't you try and sketch out the body before adding details to the clothing?

SuitCase 6 years ago.

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Indeed I should. As I explained, everything was just sort of accidental in the end. I figured since the dress was what was technically the most important, I should at least try to get something thrown together. Especially since my laptop actually did delete a few things already.

Lush 6 years ago.

Comment ID #50652

She looks great! I like this a lot :D

flara 6 years ago.