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Candybooru image #6371, tagged with Contest Lucy Michi_(Artist)


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I realize this is just a work in progress but I was worried about how soon the deadline would be considering there was around five submissions so far and the contest holder was considering ending it at 5 contestants. I'm currently shading and adding a background.

michi 7 years ago.

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Guessing the picture of Lucy on the side is a reference?

Blue_Sly 7 years ago.

Comment ID #50700

you guessed right

michi 7 years ago.

Comment ID #50703

She is clearly playing Bittersweet Candy Brawlers.

DLancer 7 years ago.

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Your WIP destroys my finished product...

Stilbini 7 years ago.

Comment ID #50762

This is gorgeous! I love her dress!

flara 7 years ago.

Comment ID #51460

Absolutely Beautiful

Meowington 6 years ago.

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Congratulations on snagging second place! Be sure to claim your prize! Link here, if you forgot, but if you don't have a forum account my email is and you can give me both requests. I'll forward it to Lisa. ;) odel/

RC 6 years ago.