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Candybooru image #6378, tagged with Lucy Neospector_(Artist) parody sketch


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'Ere we go, a tribute to how much I suck at drawing things.
I almost bonked out a bad Mike as Kazuma too, his upper torso and scarf were like, perfection. But his legs...god, one of his legs was a twig and the other was a branch.
I just wanted to get this out there, I hadn't seen this comic and the series Kaze No Stigma compared before, but thinking about it there are a lot of parallels in the characters. Lucy as Ayano, Mike as Kazuma, I suppose you could stretch it and say Sandy would be Tsui Ling, and Sam fits perfectly with Kazuma's father.

Neospector 9 years ago.

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I had no idea what this was supposed to be until you said Kaze No Stigma. Which is a GREAT manga. And I was saddened to learn I would never know the ending.

Too bad no one else would pick up what this was supposed to be about until they read your comment. 8-D

ThatGuy 9 years ago.

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Yeah, I only got to watch the anime. Sad that he passed away.
I suppose if anyone who doesn't know wants the context, you can buy the manga or the anime series is on [url='']Netfl ix.[/url]
I'd also like to apologize if I get that BBCode wrong.

Neospector 9 years ago.

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If the sword was burning I'd probably recognise it as Kaze no Stigma. Great series, it's a shame he passed away. D=

Kuro 9 years ago.