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Candybooru image #6379, tagged with Lucy Shayren_(Artist)


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I sketched this out with a pencil originally and then cleaned it up and outlined it with a sharpie. o_o And then I made the wonderful decision to color it in with my colored pencils laying around.

It looks alot more vivid in real life, my scanner must suck. :D

Please give me advice, I see a lot of mistakes, but I would like to hear other people point them out to decide which ones are more prominent. I am not afraid of your critizism. :)

Shayren 9 years ago.

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This is really nice but whats that mark on her bow.

Moshilun 9 years ago.

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It's my signature. :c

Shayren 9 years ago.

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From what I can see you'll need to work on structure and anatomy a bit more.

For example, her shoulders are too down and her breasts are too anti-gravity.

Radial 9 years ago.

Comment ID #50779

Yes, I've not really learned how to do bodies the proper way. I'm not sure if I should sketch out the body form first? And then kind of take it from there? Thank you for your feedback, I can definetley see where you're coming from.

Shayren 9 years ago.

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Oh ok then nvm. All I can say is that it's better than my drawings!

Moshilun 9 years ago.

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[img][/img ]

Xu-kitty 9 years ago.