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Candybooru image #6483, tagged with Contest Lucy Panda_(Artist)


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Here's my entry for the contest that is going on on forum right now
hope ya like it

Panda 9 years ago.

Comment ID #51473

This is super lovely! The shoes, eye-shadow, and ruching are really nice little touches that really pull the outfit together.
(I want this outfit please and thank you haha)

Carmen 9 years ago.

Comment ID #51474

Glad you liked it and thanks for noticing all that!
(Haha if you give me one of your outfits you can have this one xp)

Panda 9 years ago.

Comment ID #51476

This is really beautiful. I love the ruffles, and how you made her make-up.
And you can draw hands. ;-;

Shayren 9 years ago.

Comment ID #51957

This one was really cute! I can tell you must hae spent a loong time doing those ruffles. Although it was cute and I was especially fond of the heels, that dress was just too generic to make it into a design contest. I remember homecoming last year, where there were at least three girls in that type of dress. It's a lovely piece of standalone art, but because the focus was on design, not artistic ability, your design fell just short. Better luck next time! I'm sure you'll have great ideas. :D

RC 9 years ago.