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Candybooru image #6543, tagged with Lucy Paulo PauloxLucy Ribbon_(Artist) sketch


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so I lovelovelove PauloxLucy but I'm also a big fan of MikexLucy so I'll probably draw a picture of them later jdnhf

Lucy's arm is blegh. I didn't color this because I'm on a laptop where my tablet isn't around/installed, plus there is no mouse.. so if anyone wants to color this, I wouldn't mind, as long as you asked, but I might color it myself eventually.

Hope all the PauloxLucy shippers like it c:

Ribbon 7 years ago.

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we do

SpaceMouse 7 years ago.

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I know I love it.

Kinda wonder where Susan is though. >.>

This is fantastic. ^^

Yaschiri 7 years ago.