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Candybooru image #6790, tagged with Lucy Sam_(Artist) genderbended


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I tried

Sam 6 years ago.

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Nice eyebrows. :D

Shayren 6 years ago.

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That red neckerchief a reference to something... i feel like it is, her look and it seem very familiar.......

Order_66 6 years ago.

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This is adorable!! Their tails seem to float a bit unnaturally (Like they're being held up by cords rather than just naturally swaying like a cat), but I really like how it turned out. Male!Lucy is much more swag with a neckerchief than a bowtie.

Taeshi 6 years ago.

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@Taeshi Thank you Taeshi, I thought that we have had enough bowties and ties, that's why I drew a neckerchief.
I can happily sleep tonight thanks to your comment *dies*
(oh and thanks for the tails comment, I hadn't noticed! as you can see my speciality is not animals)

@Shayren Thanks ñ_ñ

Sam 6 years ago.