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Candybooru image #7172, tagged with Augustus AugustusxLucy Lucy Rose_(Artist)


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Not gonna, I know Lucy is short but it kind of looks like Augustus is making out with like kid Lucy.

Pedo-Augustus is creepy D:

ThatGuy 9 years ago.

Comment ID #55142

gahh what x( she doesn't look THAT young!! it's just because Augustus's arm is covering up her boobs.

Rose 9 years ago.

Comment ID #55143

It's not the boobs really it's the head size that kind of sets it. Sorry that's just how it looks D:

The art is not bad by any means but it's just things like that where it seems a bit weirder.

ThatGuy 9 years ago.

Comment ID #55144

Lucy's kind of small anyway even though relative to the guys in the comic Augustus is shortish as well. But I don't see him being a pedo.

Loving the bite-kiss

Taeshi 9 years ago.

Comment ID #55148

I love Augustus x Lucy because it seems like they would be perfect for each other! They both have been rejected, and they both kinda match, too! 8-D

millymaculo 9 years ago.

Comment ID #55152

This needs to happen, they look so cool together.

jerkface 9 years ago.

Comment ID #55160

Lucy: What are we going to do on this bed Augustus?

RickAstley 9 years ago.

Comment ID #55168

thank you Taeshi 8D it really made me feel good to hear you missed me <3 makes me want to draw more AugustusxLucy stoof just for you!

Rose 9 years ago.