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Candybooru image #7569, tagged with Icehness_(Artist) Mike


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I'm not the bad guy..right?
quick doodle of Mikey.
I have a feeling he might have some splainin' to do soon!

Icehness 5 years ago.

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"Yeaaaah about the talk I had with Lucy during our essay..."

MaronaPossessed 5 years ago.

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"I only wanted her out of my life... I didn't mean for this to happen."

Others: "Well you got your wish and now you will pay for it."

Me: D: *looks away*

Supertails19 5 years ago.

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His expression is fantastic, I will admit.

Like, "...oops!"


Yaschiri 5 years ago.

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Problem Mike?

Jocelynn1112 5 years ago.