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Candybooru image #7642, tagged with Cutiekiyomi_(Artist) Daisy Jasmine Lucy Mike Rachel Sue parody


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My inspiration/sources: (you should listen to this while you look at the picture)


ahahahahahahahahahahah its funny

cutiekiyomi 6 years ago.

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Misdemeanor's in da haus.

Purin 6 years ago.

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That one quote at the bottom of mikes foot says "his milk shakes bring all the BOYS to the yard" So wares paulo wen this is obviously directed at him.

bluefox 6 years ago.

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Well, all I knew from that song was "Music makes you lose control, music makes you lose control. YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH".
I thought that was all it was for 3 minutes. ._.

Neospector 6 years ago.

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@Purin who? :question:
@blufow there was no room for him! :(
@Neospector hahahaha XD

cutiekiyomi 6 years ago.