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What is the dialogue?

shmidny on June 30, 2013.

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The text is pretty much on the brink of unreadable, but I do believe I've managed to decipher it. Here we go:

Author: "This is for you Space Mouse!! Go ruining Sonic somewhere else!"

Mike: "I don't hate you..."

Mike: "I'm just pissed and annoyed with you for meddling between me and Sandy like Daisy did"

Lucy: "But but Sandy's–"

Mike: "You telling me you love me knowing Sandy's my girlfriend?"

Mike: "If you love me, why did ya go of now with Augustus?"

Lucy: "You're an hypocrite!! You are that I am but with Sandy! I've grown independent from you, It's just that I love you."

Mike: "It's true."

Of course, now only because Lucy did spend the recess with Augustus, it doesn't make her independent. As a matter of fact, if she where truly independent, then Mike's cold-shoulder wouldn't have caused her a mental breakdown in the first place.

Although, it's not like Mike knew the severity of that himself. He just wanted to be left alone.

Viking on June 30, 2013.