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Candybooru image #7764, tagged with 3D Lucy Mike PewDiePie-Lover_(Artist) Second_Life


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The hell am I lookin at...?
Is Mike a chick...?

Thatoneguy 5 years ago.

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You're lookin' at Second Life and no, Mike's appearance looks to be Male-based.

They might have been small edits to some free avatars available.

Zhefyr 5 years ago.

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oh god no

SirDavid 5 years ago.

Comment ID #58688

oh god yes

TinyBabbu 5 years ago.

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@Zhefyr Yes they are. The original version was a fox. Had it in a non-Linden freebie sim (sims are pieces of the grid, which is like what it is in Tron). Used to be available for free when the Teen Grid existed before it was merged with the Main Grid. Wish I coudl fix the visual glitch every time it closed so I could play.

kamimatsu 10 months ago.