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Just wanted to draw some of the characters (hopefully will turn into a little series) older and at their professions along with backstories (non-canon, of course). Sorry for the large size, this is my first time uploading an image… or doing fan art in general. Anyways, first is Paulo!

Paulo passed high school with decent grades and decent only. After getting shot down to all universities, he decided to go into community college, now determined to gain A’s and B’s to avoid the self-proclaim failure and embarrassment. It was there that he found out he had more brains that he originally thought and surprisingly found math more enjoyable. After taking a financial class, which he thought was easy, he took another and another until he transferred to a respectable university and got a degree in business along with a job as a tax accountant.

He needs reading glasses and looks more mature than he actually is and he and Mike are pretty good drinking buddies, meaning Paulo gets drunk and Mike drives him home. He’s fairly happy and currently dating Lucy. In two years she’ll pop the question to him, claiming he was too much of a wuss to do so.

Tylord 5 years ago.

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Lookin' stylish

It's good you edited it so the tail was there too haha, I actually didn't notice it the first time until I saw your comment.

Taeshi 5 years ago.

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At first I thought this was a Doctor Who crossover. I thought Paulo was David Tennant for a bit there. Either way I really like this! Good job! :)

Sarababara 5 years ago.