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Candybooru image #8265, tagged with Mike Rcrssmn_(Artist) weapon


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I did Lucy yesterday, today is Mike! Tomorrow will probably belong to Paulo. I want to hear if anyone wants another BCB character turned into a reaper

PS: Again, sorry for the size, I have cropped it down to about 1/5 the original size and reduced the size itself even further

Rcrssmn 4 years ago.

Comment ID #60269

@ Rcrssmn can you please do amaya?

bluefox 4 years ago.

Comment ID #60274

@bluefox, sure thing!

Rcrssmn 4 years ago.

Comment ID #60276

I look forward to seeing Paulo! If you feel you have the insparation, you should try your hand at Jess. I think she'd wreck as a Reaper. ;D

Yaschiri 4 years ago.

Comment ID #60279

Yeah I agree Jess would wreck as a reaper

Rcrssmn 4 years ago.