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Candybooru image #8779, tagged with Paulo Taeshi_(Artist)


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Vectorization strikes again, by request! This is a clean up of >>8592 in 1080p. I didn't crop it any this time.
Same as last time, any further requests?

modulusshift 4 years ago.

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I’m not sure if this adds much. The original lineart is too rough and low-res for it to be improved by vector tracing.

SuitCase 4 years ago.

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It does lead to a somewhat unique style that doesn't really reflect Taeshi's work that's produced at this resolution intentionally, for better or worse. Personally, I think it's cute, and I'm not going to do anymore than I'm asked to by the sketch requesters. If you like, I'll move this offsite, of course.
I think the main reason I think it looks good is somewhat related to the fact I'm still absolutely in love with the Volume 1 art style, and these sketches are a little reminiscent for me.
I thank you and Taeshi so much for all your work, and I'm so grateful for my sketch!

modulusshift 4 years ago.

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i love it, thanks you very much is a awesome work you are doing here, i do think the image does gain a different feel to it and i like it :love:

keep on the good work 8-)

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Can't believe it, you actually drew a KV-2 German XD

Skardovi 4 years ago.

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I would like mine to be vectored as well please! :D


daft_inquisitor 4 years ago.

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matasalt 3 years ago.