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Candybooru image #9295, tagged with Grim_Reaper Jessica Rcrssmn_(Artist)


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So I'm about 10-11 months late on this, and she's gone though many revisions (All have been trashed).
I've also been busy on setting up a webcomic and I started drawing some more graphic (not as in violence or gore) materials.
Maybe I'll do another revision where she has a certain bunny head...

Rcrssmn 6 years ago.

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Do you have a tumblr?

PopcornCats 6 years ago.

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natürlich, but don't follow the links on my older posts, I changed the URL to

Rcrssmn 6 years ago.

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OH YOU FINALLY DID JESSICA. She looks amazing! I love the pose and her design is great! Really lovely~! <3

Yaschiri 6 years ago.

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This is the part where I reveal that I meant to do art of Lucy, Robi, the main BCB cast, and Drake as characters in the Ghost's multiplayer

Rcrssmn 6 years ago.