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Veronica’s Commentary

Mike you just wanted to make innocent small-talk to make her feel better about her writing abilities and you just SPAGHETTI’D EVERYWHERE

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Dragobir April 14, 2014, 1:58 PM EST.

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Can all the Mike haters just stop hating for a short while just to see where this will go? Mike admitted he acted wrong and unless I read some stuff wrong, he felt some serious remorse about it. He was a kid that acted in anger when he got pushed to his snapping point, but that is in the past. He seemed sincerely sorry for his actions and it seems he’s tried to change. I can’t think of anything he’s done really hate worthy in the past few months of comics, so maybe he’s trying to be better now after letting all that bottled up angst out which was causing all those outbursts. It seems the past few chapters have been some form of a “return to normalcy” with the characters just trying to figure out how to go on after all those terrible events. I think this is a tremendous opportunity for growth in the characters and maybe we should all sit back judgement free for a bit and just see how things go.
Also I don’t think Stacy is Tsundre, she just seems embarrassed, which is really understandable in that situation. I’d rather not call her the “New Lucy” but if she can be a good friend to him, that’d just be awesome. I’d also be ok if Mike see’s her a potential romantic interest and breaks it off with Sandy for something more tangible, though that seems too simple and drama free to happen in this comic.

Grumble Grumble April 14, 2014, 10:40 PM EST.

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“Why would you assume I wrote them!”
Geez… I wonder why. Because you freaked out when he mentioned the letters? If you hadn’t written them, you would’ve just been confused.

Sapphire April 17, 2014, 1:50 PM EST.

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