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    Daisy, LetsBananas_(Artist)

    Daisy LetsBananas_(Artist) (500x500, 177.3KB)

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    I have decided to draw some daisy

    she has grown on me~ #^_^#

    Creative criticism is much appreciated <3

    LetsBananas 9 hours ago.

    BagPaulo_(Artist), Daisy

    BagPaulo_(Artist) Daisy (1912x1353, 334.3KB)

    Comment ID #66724

    Daisy is best girl.

    BagPaulo 16 hours ago.

    Bsc54_(Artist), Mike

    Bsc54_(Artist) Mike (719x1280, 139.5KB)

    Comment ID #66604

    Updated my previous one. Added tail, and matched his hands to his feet. I can't do hands, so have stubs.

    Bsc54 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #66723

    I understand about the hands!!! e-e hands are hard to draw... D:

    ArtisticKitten 1 day ago.

    ArtisticKitten_(Artist), Hair_Lucy, human, Lucy

    ArtisticKitten_(Artist) Hair_Lucy Lucy human (640x1136, 112.0KB)

    Comment ID #66714

    For my second post I present.... Human Lucy! (In her fancy smancy school uniform of course!)

    ArtisticKitten 2 days ago.

    Comment ID #66715

    why does she have human ears and cat ears

    momomone 2 days ago.

    Comment ID #66721

    Because she can. Plus I'm like obsessed for some reason with Lucy's tail so I had to draw it... Don't judge me D:

    ArtisticKitten 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #66722

    And btw please don't hate it... But if you do have any tips for me as an "artist" (I'm only 13 so I don't think that I count as one quite yet) I would love to hear them!

    ArtisticKitten 1 day ago.

    animation, MikexSandy, music_video, toydoc_(Artist)

    MikexSandy animation music_video toydoc_(Artist) (960x720, 616.1KB)

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    Follow link to see video. or visit youtube toydoc74 Thanks, Enjoy

    toydoc 2 days ago.

    Comment ID #66717


    i know what's opening the next bcb draw stream

    SuitCase 2 days ago.

    Comment ID #66720

    Thanks so much @Suitcase. Wish I could have had this done for your birthday.

    toydoc 2 days ago.

    Draw_Stream, Mike, MikexPaulo, parody, Paulo, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Draw_Stream Mike MikexPaulo Paulo Taeshi_(Artist) parody (900x600, 297.4KB)

    Comment ID #66508

    OH COME ON D:<

    boh 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #66509

    I meant D :<
    you should make it so that the images only "activate" whe you put something around or at the beginning of the emoticons, so people can still use the normal ones.
    also, why not make these comments editable for a while like the ones that there were below the comic pages?

    boh 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #66518

    What's this drawing a parody of?

    Juan_Pablo 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #66527


    The Legend of Korra. Paulo is Asami and Mike is Korra.

    SaraSloth 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #66540

    boh, I wish it could do that, but it does not, and to implement such a feature would cost money (if I outsourced it) or many hours of my time (if I did it myself). It likely won't happen.

    SuitCase 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #66719

    Avatar was a lot better than Korra if you ask me... Especially how they ended... But anyway, time for my usual bout of random, obscure references... *Clears throat and takes a breath*:


    (I still don't get going into the Spirit World... Why did it have to be there of all places?)

    Shade 2 days ago.

    parody, Paulo, The_Mylestone_(Artist)

    Paulo The_Mylestone_(Artist) parody (1213x1624, 307.6KB)

    Comment ID #66712

    What if Paulo joined the Time Sweeper Corps? Just a silly idea I had for a while. If anybody grew up with an Xbox 1 (the original one >.>) "Blinx the Time Sweeper" was a must have game! A cocky orange cat with attitude, who does that remind you of? BTW Time travel/control is about as confusing as well... *cough* a "will they, won't they" drama love story *cough*

    The_Mylestone 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #66718

    This is cool. I want this to happen. I need Paulo the Time Sweeper.

    KiraDood5 2 days ago.

    David, DavidxSue, Sue, Zephyr_(Artist)

    David DavidxSue Sue Zephyr_(Artist) (681x384, 90.2KB)

    Comment ID #66665

    Really wonderful drawing! #^_^#

    Hipster 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #66666

    Thanks! xo

    Zephyr 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #66668

    A good ship indeed.

    Zhefyr 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #66669

    My OTP tbh.

    Zephyr 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #66671

    yessss v nice i approve

    PickYerPoison 1 week ago.

    Comment ID #66682

    Looks good.

    Juan_Pablo 6 days ago.

    Comment ID #66684

    Sue and Daviiiiiiid~
    God I love these two.
    One of my favorite ships. ;w;

    Yaschiri 6 days ago.

    Comment ID #66687

    Same here!

    Zephyr 5 days ago.

    Comment ID #66689

    yaaas girl yaas

    moozers 5 days ago.

    Comment ID #66713

    I support this ship!

    The_Mylestone 3 days ago.

    Daisy, excellent, Masumi_(Artist), Paulo, PauloxDaisy, SuitCase, SuitcasexTaeshi, Taeshi

    Daisy Masumi_(Artist) Paulo PauloxDaisy SuitCase SuitcasexTaeshi Taeshi excellent (700x500, 329.2KB)

    Comment ID #66618

    BCB-fied Taeshi and Suitcase?!?!?! :O

    DaniYellAtU 2 weeks ago.

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    Ferret 2 weeks ago.

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    Carmen 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #66626

    cookie cat! :P

    Jinx 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #66711

    despite my moral objection to furry me and vero i think this is really well done and i love the detail and dimensionality put into the scene!

    SuitCase 3 days ago.

    Lucy, moozers_(Artist), Paulo, PauloxLucy

    Lucy Paulo PauloxLucy moozers_(Artist) (1245x946, 371.7KB)

    Comment ID #66690

    gorgeous colors!!

    Jinx 5 days ago.

    Comment ID #66710

    really well done! cute drawing concept and well-coloured

    SuitCase 3 days ago.

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