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    crossover, Lucy, Rcrssmn_(Artist)

    Lucy Rcrssmn_(Artist) crossover (563x1000, 115.0KB)

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    I can't believe no one has commented on this yet

    Rcrssmn 2 weeks ago.

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    This picture has introduced me to that comic. Thank you for that.

    NasalDiabetes 4 hours ago.

    Haley, Imp_(Artist), Jordan, JordanxHaley, Matt, MattxJordan

    Haley Imp_(Artist) Jordan JordanxHaley Matt MattxJordan (682x417, 170.6KB)

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    Haley and Jordan probably won't work as well, since they're two years apart. (Jordan is at Tess's age and Haley's at Jasmine's age)

    Radial 4 months ago.

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    oh I know i was just addressing how cute the pairings are but are more than likely not ever going to happen

    imp 4 months ago.

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    A whirlwind of unrequited love ;_;

    Holy cow I love the way you drew Matt here. I LOVE THE WAY YOU DREW EVERYONE AAAAA

    But seriously Matt gives me trouble but you nailed it

    Taeshi 4 months ago.

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    But what about Jordands forgotten girlfriend Tiff???

    LisaCat89 4 months ago.

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    She probably broke up with him after he couldn't go to the party.

    Really like your style!

    __noname__ 4 months ago.

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    Tiff and Jordan are very will they/won't they

    (He actually asks Matt about her in the previous chapter, in vague terms................)

    Taeshi 4 months ago.

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    MimiChan 4 months ago.

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    Totally understand! I just cannot choose?!?!?!?! TT^TT

    Yumcandycaramel 10 hours ago.

    Box_(Artist), Jasmine, Paulo

    Box_(Artist) Jasmine Paulo (1030x520, 83.4KB)

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    Nice. Jasmin looks a bit lagomorphic in the first panel, though.

    Geist 3 days ago.

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    Yaaaaay. Good Jasmine.

    And Geist, rabbits are cool too I guess.

    Ace 3 days ago.

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    good concept well executed

    SuitCase 18 hours ago.

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    @Ace Very much so. Rabbits rock!

    Geist 14 hours ago.

    Amaya, Rachel, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Amaya Rachel Taeshi_(Artist) (866x576, 229.8KB)

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    Commission from Connecticon 2014. The movie they're seeing? Lucy.

    gardnaeden 1 day ago.

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    Er mah Gerrrrrd soooo Kewt!! :love: :love: :love:

    Seriously though, this is adorable! Plushies!! I want a Rachel Plushie!! Wish I had the skills to make one. Cest la vie :P

    kaminari683 1 day ago.

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    Yayyyy I'm glad you uploaded this ;__; I think this one looked really nice, and I ended up going for a bit of a messier more watercolory style so I enjoyed doing it.

    Taeshi 23 hours ago.

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    >The movie they're seeing? Lucy.

    SuitCase 18 hours ago.

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    Well, I'm glad you made it and enjoyed making it, Tae. :D

    gardnaeden 16 hours ago.

    David, DavidxSue, JEMCIV_(Artist), Sue

    David DavidxSue JEMCIV_(Artist) Sue (392x600, 56.9KB)

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    David can pull off that dress for sure!

    kitkatmuffin 4 days ago.

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    8-D pie n cheese FTW 8-D

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    oh baby

    I love this

    Taeshi 2 days ago.

    Lucy, Qutili_(Artist)

    Lucy Qutili_(Artist) (1000x1000, 289.3KB)

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    jpark17 3 days ago.

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    Man I love the colouring and texture you did! Looks penciley!!

    Taeshi 2 days ago.

    Abbey, AbbeyxDaisy, Daisy, Jasmine, Jessica, jpark17_(Artist), Lucy, Mike, Paulo, Rachel, Sandy, Tess

    Abbey AbbeyxDaisy Daisy Jasmine Jessica Lucy Mike Paulo Rachel Sandy Tess jpark17_(Artist) (874x2814, 1.3MB)

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    Some doodles for the webcomic!

    jpark17 3 days ago.

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    I love this <3 I wish I could draw this well~ :love: Great job!

    Thackety 3 days ago.

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    Thank you very much!

    jpark17 3 days ago.

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    The image is so big that it can't even load on my phone, please keep resizing in mind in the future :-[ I hope someone can resize it for me aaaa

    Taeshi 3 days ago.

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    Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't think it was too big at first, I'll keep that in mind for the future.

    jpark17 2 days ago.

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    Pretty sure that's a type sexy, Jess.

    Daffyhat 2 days ago.

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    i SAW IT ON MY COMPUTER AND IT'S SO PRETTY ;__; I love the faces!! Jasmine looks so great, too, her hair can be kinda weird to humanize because it's all white and stuff, your version is really good! Mike is a cutie~

    Taeshi 2 days ago.

    Daisy, edit, gardnaeden_(Artist), Paulo

    Daisy Paulo edit gardnaeden_(Artist) (800x280, 123.5KB)

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    Daisy has mad ventriloquism skills.

    gardnaeden 5 days ago.

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    Wiishu 5 days ago.

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    Paulo Wins

    Flawless Victory


    SCD 5 days ago.

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    sky6799 3 days ago.

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    Paulo's skill turns heads.

    MaronaPossessed 2 days ago.

    blood, Box_(Artist), excellent, Justin

    Box_(Artist) Justin blood excellent (700x1300, 327.8KB)

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    Hey!! Okay so I drew this picture because I want to say that I am actually open for commissions: http://misterbox.tumblr.com/post/92937207922/misterbox-hahaha-hey-im-opening-up

    Oh and this was fun to draw!!

    Box 4 days ago.

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    oh what justiiiiiiin ;______; you poor baby sdijdfkghdfg

    Taeshi 4 days ago.

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    holy **** man lol

    SuitCase 4 days ago.

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    Narwhalz 4 days ago.

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    I WILL WRECK WHOEVER'S **** THAT DID THAT TO YOU OH MY GOD. -Foaming at the mouth-

    Yaschiri 3 days ago.

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    Striife 2 days ago.

    Augustus, AugustusxDaisy, Crumpets_(Artist), Daisy, Lucy, McCain, Mike, Sandy, Sue

    Augustus AugustusxDaisy Crumpets_(Artist) Daisy Lucy McCain Mike Sandy Sue (637x875, 277.2KB)

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    First fanart of a series I've been reading for a while~

    I thought it was about time I made a lil' tribute to a great story and great characters.

    So um... Here! hehe

    Crumpets 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #62645

    Hahah, this is awesome! I love McCain and Sue in particular~

    Yaschiri 3 days ago.

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