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    Anna_Rider_(Artist), Lucy, Paulo, PauloxLucy

    Anna_Rider_(Artist) Lucy Paulo PauloxLucy (1224x1558, 515.1KB)

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    Very cute and colorful.

    bluefox 2 hours ago.

    Dummy_(Artist), Lucy, Paulo

    Dummy_(Artist) Lucy Paulo (685x886, 525.9KB)

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    AAAAAaaaa her eyes are perfect!!! <333 Love the Paulo in the background.

    Taeshi 11 hours ago.

    Lucy, Mike, MikexLucy, MissH_(Artist), Paulo

    Lucy Mike MikexLucy MissH_(Artist) Paulo (700x540, 253.0KB)

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    How disgusting.

    I like it.

    csonig 18 hours ago.

    Comment ID #63626

    Does that mean paulo was in a three some? 8-)

    CC0 18 hours ago.

    Comment ID #63627

    I love it

    Taeshi 16 hours ago.

    Comment ID #63628

    Oh HELL NO Furious Abbey

    Still hilarious though...

    EvilKitty3 14 hours ago.

    Comment ID #63631

    Lucyxmike for the win.

    bluefox 14 hours ago.

    Daisy, Lucy, October_Stream, Sue, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Daisy Lucy October_Stream Sue Taeshi_(Artist) (1100x825, 390.0KB)

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    This is cute! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

    bluefox 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #63559

    "Yeah, so I just claimed Paulo's soul"

    Sambo 3 days ago.

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    Hello Nurse Kitty :love:

    PepeLePew 14 hours ago.

    Daisy, Lucy, October_Stream, Paulo, PauloxDaisy, PauloxLucy, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Daisy Lucy October_Stream Paulo PauloxDaisy PauloxLucy Taeshi_(Artist) (1280x987, 352.4KB)

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    This turned out the best, I'm happy it was made. Especially with the way the background was done :-[

    Taeshi 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #63575

    Turned out really well, during the stream it was nearly impossible to see that there were purple bits in the background.

    Zugai 2 days ago.

    Comment ID #63629

    Should be Jasmine and Lucy 8-)

    PepeLePew 14 hours ago.

    Amaya, pixel_art, Sue, SuexAmaya, xMakeItRain94_(Artist)

    Amaya Sue SuexAmaya pixel_art xMakeItRain94_(Artist) (1920x1017, 328.1KB)

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    Mcturtle 20 hours ago.

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    Don't we all love MCEdit

    shinysugar 19 hours ago.

    Comment ID #63623

    holy shiiit

    Oso-De-Clare 18 hours ago.

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    @shinysugar: No MCEdit was used in the making of these... Might have been my settings with SpriteCraft

    xMakeItRain94 18 hours ago.

    edit, Lucy, parody

    Lucy edit parody (800x768, 151.6KB)

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    Will probably get deleted, but gotta try, right?

    gardnaeden 1 day ago.

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    Laufente 1 day ago.

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    I thought Chuck Testa jokes were dead.

    Splee36 22 hours ago.

    Comment ID #63618

    So was Lucy.

    gardnaeden 22 hours ago.

    Comment ID #63620

    @splee36 chuck testa jokes are not dead they are just the most realistic mounts period.

    June-pay_Eeyorey 21 hours ago.

    Abbey, Amaya, Augustus, BCB_Art_Meme, Daisy, Dummy_(Artist), excellent, Jessica, Lucy, Mike, MikexAbbey, Paulo, Sandy, Sue

    Abbey Amaya Augustus BCB_Art_Meme Daisy Dummy_(Artist) Jessica Lucy Mike MikexAbbey Paulo Sandy Sue excellent (720x5406, 2.8MB)

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    Number 3 made me squeeeeee ;_____; Nice to see your art always Dummy, your stuff is really great!!

    flara 2 years ago.

    Comment ID #57683

    AbbeyxMike is so gosh darn cute

    Frankly, all your human Abbeys are so gosh darn cute

    wacko 2 years ago.

    Comment ID #57685

    Haha oh my god that 10 would be amazing. XD

    AsDf 2 years ago.

    Comment ID #57686

    OMG. I LOVE YOU. (imma girl though) I LOVE YOUR ART, :love:I mean (but I appreciate your style. ^-^ ) I WISH I CAN DRAW. (but I suck too much!) ._.

    Joyceluvsyoo 2 years ago.

    Comment ID #57695

    Everything you draw is unreal cute auuww geez
    Also thumbs up for animal crossing!

    plusook 2 years ago.

    Comment ID #57754

    Love this so much!!! #^_^#

    NostalgicPostman 2 years ago.

    Comment ID #57948

    Dummy, you are so awesome at everything. Nobody could have a talent like yours. I always wished I could draw like you.

    GoddesofAwesomeness 1 year ago.

    Comment ID #58373

    You really inspired me to do this meme again since i'm always lazy to actually finish ;v;.

    i praise you for your wonderful art uvu

    Cece 1 year ago.

    Comment ID #59580

    ;_; beautiful! Do you have a tumblr I must art stalk you XD

    Maxcine 1 year ago.

    Comment ID #63619

    NUMBER 10

    shmidny 22 hours ago.

    Mike, MikexSandy, October_Stream, Paulo, Sandy, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Mike MikexSandy October_Stream Paulo Sandy Taeshi_(Artist) (1100x825, 360.5KB)

    Comment ID #63475

    My request during this stream! "Okay, so Mike goes to visit Sandy, and they take a selfie, and some character photobombs it."

    modulusshift 4 days ago.

    Comment ID #63497

    OTP, because of course it is!

    MigBird 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #63590

    so cute

    TrappedLikeCats 2 days ago.

    Comment ID #63616

    "Where the f**k am I?"

    Daffyhat 22 hours ago.

    Daisy, October_Stream, Paulo, PauloxDaisy, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Daisy October_Stream Paulo PauloxDaisy Taeshi_(Artist) (1100x825, 333.3KB)

    Comment ID #63488

    Concept is Paulo and Daisy after their first date together share a nervous first kiss before splitting up for the night.

    They're to sweet as a couple for their own good.

    Bearkidney 3 days ago.

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    Meowth 3 days ago.

    Comment ID #63615

    Explain to me why I googled that.

    Daffyhat 22 hours ago.

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