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    Amaya, Murdoch_(Artist)

    Amaya Murdoch_(Artist) (1500x1000, 242.1KB)

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    After a long break I have finally got around to one of my commissions! Feels good!
    Amaya is waifu <3

    Murdoch 13 hours ago.

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    le butt

    cccviper653 4 minutes ago.

    Almost-Cool_(Artist), Daisy, Lucy, Mike, MikexDaisy, MikexLucy, MikexPaulo, MikexSandy, Paulo, Sandy

    Almost-Cool_(Artist) Daisy Lucy Mike MikexDaisy MikexLucy MikexPaulo MikexSandy Paulo Sandy (1000x1138, 310.6KB)

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    In a perfect world, all of Mike's admirers would have a personal android replica of Mike, so that nobody would feel left out and everybody would be happy. Yes.

    ALMOST-COOL 2 days ago.

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    cccviper653 2 days ago.

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    One question remains :

    Where is the REAL Mike?

    DaniYellAtU 2 days ago.

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    @DaniYellAtU off getting drunk after everyone's replaced him

    Derrick751 2 days ago.

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    His eyes look like olives

    DayDreams 1 day ago.

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    Mike x Sandy's bag OTP

    AT 37 minutes ago.

    avante_(Artist), Lucy

    Lucy avante_(Artist) (465x625, 80.3KB)

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    who knew i could draw cats

    avante 4 hours ago.

    Abbey, Augustus, Daisy, JayGamer_(Artist), Lucy, Mike, Paulo, Rachel

    Abbey Augustus Daisy JayGamer_(Artist) Lucy Mike Paulo Rachel (1000x569, 416.9KB)

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    Mike is pride because of what happened with Lucy.

    Instead of forgiving her and working through the issue Mike felt it was such a blow to his pride and self esteem that he cut her loose immediately. His pride also keeps him from being a player in earlier chapters and is generally not a negative part of his personality.

    moozers 5 days ago.

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    To be honest, I originally had planned to have Paulo as pride, but then I realised that none of the other sins really suit Mike at all, so I rearranged. Paulo's pride goes hand in hand with his gluttony, and Mike's pride is a little bit different. I'd say that Mike's pride comes from his obliviousness towards other people - he's often more wrapped up in his own problems to notice other people's: like Daisy's problems, way back around where Abbey was introduced. It's something he's definitely been overcoming over time, which we can see through his care for Paulo in recent chapters, but yeah. Like moozers said, it's not necessarily a negative part of his personality, as he's not overwhelmingly prideful, he just has a healthy respect for himself.
    tl;dr: Paulo is more prideful than Mike, but Mike is more prideful than anything else.

    JayGamer 5 days ago.

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    I really, really, REALLY REEEEEEEEAAALLLLLY ****in' love this. A great deal.

    Paulo especially I think, I love the way his hand is reaching out aaaahhhhhh-

    Yaschiri 5 days ago.

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    Our BCB kids are pretty flawed when you think about it.

    DeathofInk 4 days ago.

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    I haven't known anyone who didn't go into high school severely flawed in some way (if not harmful to others, they were to themselves.)

    not_used 4 days ago.

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    kingofsmooth 4 days ago.

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    I don't quite get how Augustus is Greed?

    Very well done though!!!!! :D

    Sambo 3 days ago.

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    Mostly due to his earlier self, where a lot of his behaviour was a result of personal interest - manipulating Daisy being the main example. Alejandro has been the driving force behind Augustus' more questionable acts, but I think it would be wrong to discount his greed from his behaviour.

    also he steals stuff

    JayGamer 3 days ago.

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    I wanna see how Lucy is sloth tho. :U
    Cause isn't sloth supposed to just be laziness?

    Lycaon1765 21 hours ago.

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    The definition of Sloth that I found started with "Sadness, depression or the inability to feel joy." Which seems kinda relevant to how Lucy was last time we saw her.

    JayGamer 12 hours ago.

    Cosplay, Faewnwolf_(Artist), Lucy

    Cosplay Faewnwolf_(Artist) Lucy (743x931, 274.6KB)

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    Yaschiri 1 week ago.

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    I adore how you integrated pink into Lucy’s hair, this is such a great cosplay aaaaaa ;_;

    Taeshi 5 days ago.

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    you are so good at this stuff!! your pink-tinted spin on lucy is really cleverly done. i am so proud we have pro cosplayer people like you

    SuitCase 5 days ago.

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    Holy **** you're cute as hell.

    Murdoch 13 hours ago.

    Lucy, Phoenixxx_(Artist)

    Lucy Phoenixxx_(Artist) (800x1071, 203.1KB)

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    Yes, yes it is.

    Shade 21 hours ago.

    Daisy, human, RachelAlloway_(Artist)

    Daisy RachelAlloway_(Artist) human (500x650, 63.5KB)

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    sorry for the possible redundancy on the tags, i didn't know what the human tag was under here... anyways, heres daisy! also hi this is my first post lol (i use to have an old account here but i really am personally embaressed by what all i saw on it and lowkey want to delete it, lol.)

    RachelAlloway 3 days ago.

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    Oh man her hair is the cutest, so many good human Daisys ;____; The colours are so great~~!

    Taeshi 3 days ago.

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    Yaschiri 2 days ago.

    Faewnwolf_(Artist), Lucy

    Faewnwolf_(Artist) Lucy (935x1200, 241.6KB)

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    She's got a bit of that Jessica curl goin' on there.

    Hella cute though. o3o

    Yaschiri 3 days ago.

    Augustus, AugustusxSandy, Faewnwolf_(Artist), Sandy

    Augustus AugustusxSandy Faewnwolf_(Artist) Sandy (1200x1087, 277.1KB)

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    Hello Darkness, my old friend...

    (I actually like this ship-)

    Yaschiri 3 days ago.

    JayGamer_(Artist), Mike, MikexSandy, Sandy

    JayGamer_(Artist) Mike MikexSandy Sandy (1000x666, 268.5KB)

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    Trying to work out a nice, lighter style than my usual.

    anyone disgusted by my drowning the booru in MikexSandy raise your hand

    JayGamer 5 days ago.

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    Mike you nervous wreck lmao

    Oh my god you drew Sandy in Mike’s old scarffffffffff <3

    Taeshi 5 days ago.

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    I love your interpretation of how Mike and Sandy would be like together if they were able to go out together. MikexSandy OTP.

    __noname__ 5 days ago.

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    This looks amazing, and the style is the cherry on top of this beautiful cake of cuteness.
    I felt this would be wallpaper worthy so I tried editing it into one because usually when I ask artists if they could upload their work in wallpaper friendly 1080p they just say no so I don't bother anymore.

    plaster 4 days ago.

    Comment ID #68680

    ahH That's really nice, plaster! Actually I do have the original resolution hahaha, here you go, in all it's 3000x2000 glory:

    JayGamer 4 days ago.

    Comment ID #68682

    cuuuute!!! I've always really loved your style and I especially like your lighter style here too *_* now I want to draw lots of mikexsandy since you always draw them so cute!! I love it so much, keep it up! :love:

    choco 3 days ago.

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