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    Abbey, human, Pocket-Monster-1994_(Artist)

    Abbey Pocket-Monster-1994_(Artist) human (512x308, 24.6KB)

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    Abbey is my favorite character, and I've always pictured him as Hispanic if he were human

    Pocket-Monster-1994 9 hours ago.

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    Oh gosh, this is perfect. Your head canon is now my head canon. I love hiiiiim. You have a really fun style and your expressions are spot on.

    juicebot 6 hours ago.

    Comment ID #75755

    crap he looks g r e a t
    i always pictured his little hair tuft a little like that too!!

    kenketsu 5 hours ago.

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    God bless this humanization, this drawing cleared my skin.

    jessellie 4 hours ago.

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    This drawing grew mycrops

    faune 2 hours ago.

    Paulo, Swiftily_(Artist)

    Paulo Swiftily_(Artist) (640x515, 123.0KB)

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    I drew this earlier in the year because I wanted to make myself a Paulo Skype icon, but I forgot to post it.

    Swiftily 12 hours ago.

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    Such a cutie

    Waldo 4 hours ago.

    CR_(Artist), Daisy, Lucy, Mike, Paulo

    CR_(Artist) Daisy Lucy Mike Paulo (900x900, 391.0KB)

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    A work in progress (a crossover, if you can tell).
    Playing around with shadows and overlay styles. This is too dark, so it won't be final, but looks interesting, I think.

    A pal of mine called them "mutant-cat-dwarf-people" (well here you go, my art finally has a definitive style, i guess. Perhaps I need to change the way I draw bodies...) and said it reminded him about a recurrent idea/creature that haunted his childhood nightmares.

    I do like creepy, but please don't have nightmares becauses of my art... ;-;

    CR 9 hours ago.

    Comment ID #75757

    Looks pretty damn neat.
    Looking forward to the finished version

    Waldo 4 hours ago.

    Abbey, AbbeyxJasmine, Aica_(Artist), Jasmine

    Abbey AbbeyxJasmine Aica_(Artist) Jasmine (500x812, 133.2KB)

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    Drew em up cause I actually like the poor guy
    He's been through a lot and deserves a lil sunshine ; _ ;
    Also, I love his interactions with Jasmine whether in the platonic sense or romantic one!

    Aica 16 hours ago.

    Comment ID #75743

    Oh man your colours are so lovely!! So vibrant but also so easy on the eyes, they’re perfect ;__; They’re like candies!!

    Protect Abbey’s smile 2016

    Taeshi 15 hours ago.

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    Kazunami 11 hours ago.

    Comment ID #75756

    my baby he looks so t i re d
    he tries so hard

    thank you jasmine for bein sunshine itself

    kenketsu 5 hours ago.

    Augustus, CR_(Artist), Lucy, Mike, Paulo

    Augustus CR_(Artist) Lucy Mike Paulo (1000x872, 649.4KB)

    Comment ID #74251

    Wow! Just wow!

    Really fricking awesome and creepy.

    Juan_Pablo 3 months ago.

    Comment ID #74253

    This needs to be excellent'd :-* :-*

    faune 3 months ago.

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    I love it, baby!

    Kinroth 3 months ago.

    Comment ID #74259

    this is... amazing woah

    abrahams2 3 months ago.

    Comment ID #74260

    This is so cool, wow

    __noname__ 3 months ago.

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    It's show Lucy reaction on actual comic page ^^

    Wilbur 3 months ago.

    Comment ID #74275

    Hey, have you seen my most recent artwork?

    Paulo28 3 months ago.

    Comment ID #74327

    Who's the cat in the background though?

    LachlanDS 2 months ago.

    Comment ID #74592

    This looks like the cover art of a galantis Album

    Zippo 2 months ago.

    Comment ID #75753

    Her eyes are staring into my soul.

    SCD 8 hours ago.

    Lucy, sketch, Swiftily_(Artist)

    Lucy Swiftily_(Artist) sketch (1600x1200, 1.4MB)

    Comment ID #75746

    I drew this of Lucy last year, but I didn't think of posting it until I remembered it existed now. Here's some dead-inside Lucy.

    Swiftily 12 hours ago.

    Comment ID #75752

    Nice drawing.

    SCD 8 hours ago.

    CR_(Artist), human, Lucy

    CR_(Artist) Lucy human (800x1089, 447.7KB)

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    "So, Lucy... What do you want to talk about today?"
    "Are you even real now..?"
    It kept snowing.

    CR 9 hours ago.

    Alejandro, Amaya, Matt, Molly, parody, Sandy, Videogamer80, Videogamer80_(Artist)

    Alejandro Amaya Matt Molly Sandy Videogamer80 Videogamer80_(Artist) parody (1024x768, 436.8KB)

    Comment ID #75721

    So I drew this up. I'm really proud of it, and think that it looks the best out of the three!

    And yeah, I thought that making Alejandro's character looking like a murderer was fitting XD

    Videogamer80 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #75745

    Looks great! :D

    Swiftily 12 hours ago.

    Daisy, Kit_(Artist), Lucy, LucyxDaisy

    Daisy Kit_(Artist) Lucy LucyxDaisy (1024x1024, 275.0KB)

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    when you and ur gf get cute matching sweaters ^____^

    kit 18 hours ago.

    Comment ID #75738


    They're so cute and I love Lucy's expression

    Taeshi 18 hours ago.

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    kit 17 hours ago.

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    faune 16 hours ago.

    Comment ID #75744

    Cute drawing.

    SCD 14 hours ago.

    Abbey, juicebot_(Artist)

    Abbey juicebot_(Artist) (1572x1972, 725.6KB)

    Comment ID #75724

    Hello! I'm new here.

    Abbey is my favorite.
    He needs love and understanding.

    juicebot 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #75725

    I wanted to draw him realistically… but it looks a little odd. I don't know. His eyes are a darker color in the comic and so is his fur but I REALLY like using red and bright green colors so I guess I got carried away.

    juicebot 1 day ago.

    Comment ID #75727

    interesting design!! :0 i like it a lot. also this coloring holy- i love the bright blue lines omg.......

    toreesucks 1 day ago.

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    Box 23 hours ago.

    Comment ID #75729

    This is so so fantastic and I love how he turned out!! I agree with Toreesucks about the blue lineart, it blends with his eyes so well!! THAT FACE IS PERFECT

    Taeshi 23 hours ago.

    Comment ID #75730

    love it! Please draw more!

    FluffyMoth 23 hours ago.

    Comment ID #75732

    That's a cool realistic style drawing of Abbey that you made.

    SCD 22 hours ago.

    Comment ID #75736

    Gah! Thanks everyone!

    juicebot 20 hours ago.

    Comment ID #75739

    I can imagine him being violent or hostile to other unknown people but protective of it's owner kind of attitude

    DaniYellAtU 18 hours ago.

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