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    Draw_Stream, Lucy, Mike, parody, Paulo, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Draw_Stream Lucy Mike Paulo Taeshi_(Artist) parody (1440x800, 1019.3KB)

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    SuitCase 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #88032

    Mike: But they're plastic!
    Paulo: [takes out a pistol] I said, "Eat as much as you want."
    Mike: 0_0

    SCD 2 weeks ago.

    Daisy, Draw_Stream, Paulo, PauloxDaisy, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Daisy Draw_Stream Paulo PauloxDaisy Taeshi_(Artist) (1200x800, 157.6KB)

    Comment ID #88020

    Enjoying some mochi.

    SuitCase 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #88031

    He's trying to figure how did they get the ice cream inside the rice cake.

    SCD 2 weeks ago.

    Abbey, Draw_Stream, Jasmine, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Abbey Draw_Stream Jasmine Taeshi_(Artist) (1200x800, 157.4KB)

    Comment ID #88024

    The special spice is dandruff :O

    LackLuster 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #88030

    That's because it is the things that she wore in her hair yesterday, Abbey. She use those as chopsticks to eat her food.

    SCD 2 weeks ago.

    Augustus, Draw_Stream, Lucy, parody, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Augustus Draw_Stream Lucy Taeshi_(Artist) parody (1200x800, 754.2KB)

    Comment ID #88018

    Lucy as Gray and Augustus as Waver from the Lord El-Melloi II Case Files anime.

    SuitCase 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #88028

    They ran away from home to live in London.

    SCD 2 weeks ago.

    Draw_Stream, kittens, parody, PauloxLucy, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Draw_Stream PauloxLucy Taeshi_(Artist) kittens parody (1139x800, 176.8KB)

    Comment ID #88017

    More meme nonsense for Bearkidney.

    SuitCase 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #88027

    Paulo: No more Fortnite for you young man!
    PxL Kitten: Aw man!

    SCD 2 weeks ago.

    Augustus, AugustusxKatie, AugustusxStacy, Corruption, Draw_Stream, Katie, Stacy, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Augustus AugustusxKatie AugustusxStacy Corruption Draw_Stream Katie Stacy Taeshi_(Artist) (1200x800, 88.2KB)

    Comment ID #88015

    Corruption dresses.

    SuitCase 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #88026

    Augustus: MAKE IT STOP!

    SCD 2 weeks ago.

    Augustus, CreamyDaisy_(Artist), Daisy, Lucy, Mike, Paulo

    Augustus CreamyDaisy_(Artist) Daisy Lucy Mike Paulo (1800x1800, 1.3MB)

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    creamydaisy 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #88011

    Very lovely!

    RomanP 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #88012

    Awesome drawings, you did a great job on them.

    SCD 2 weeks ago.

    Amaya, Augustus, Daisy, edit, Lucy, Mike, Paulo, Sue, Taeshi_(Artist)

    Amaya Augustus Daisy Lucy Mike Paulo Sue Taeshi_(Artist) edit (800x1105, 1.4MB)

    Comment ID #88009


    officerfurry 2 weeks ago.

    Augustus, human, Laugh12346_(Artist), Lucy

    Augustus Laugh12346_(Artist) Lucy human (2048x2048, 1.8MB)

    Comment ID #88007

    forgot this comic existed for a hot minute... glad to know the faves are doing alright!

    Laugh12346 2 weeks ago.

    Lucy, parody, Sandy, toast_(Artist)

    Lucy Sandy parody toast_(Artist) (811x500, 206.0KB)

    Comment ID #88003

    so i've been rewatching Tarantino lately and this popped into my head.

    toast 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #88005

    This is what would happen if Quentin Tarantino directed a BCB movie.
    Cool drawing.

    SCD 2 weeks ago.

    Comment ID #88006

    thanks SCD. too bad i forgot that jpg eats up quality THAT much

    toast 2 weeks ago.

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