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    AugustusxLucy, Zephyr_(Artist)

    AugustusxLucy Zephyr_(Artist) (868x465, 204.7KB)

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    Yaschiri 6 hours ago.

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    I've been following BCB for too long to not celebrate the 10th anniversary, though I'm sorry that it had to be this little paint brush doodle. If it's like super unacceptable and awful I'll take it down and colour it!

    Zephyr 6 hours ago.

    Haley, Mike, MikexHaley, Yaschiri_(Artist)

    Haley Mike MikexHaley Yaschiri_(Artist) (1000x2200, 431.9KB)

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    David x Paulo x Rachel? Polyamory is always nice. And there's only one pic on candybooru, and it downplays the David x Paulo part, which is arguably the best part. 8-D 8-) :P

    PatNat 6 days ago.

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    SamxMike - however that relationship unfolds

    yorkie_owo 6 days ago.

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    see this is much more like it

    yitz 6 days ago.

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    Imma go with PauloxPaulo

    Sambo 6 days ago.

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    @FluffyMoth: I'm onboard with this.
    @Karina:I am also onboard with this omg.
    @PatNat: Poly pups and kitty, yes please I'll do that.
    @yorkie_owo: I started shipping that after that chapter where Mike found out what happened to Lucy.
    @yitz: The ships suggested or MikexHaley? Either way, agreed.

    Yaschiri 6 days ago.

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    I imagine Sam x Mike would be a rough kind of relationship.

    Also, "How can my little cat sister be this cute?"

    yorkie_owo 6 days ago.

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    @Yaschiri: Yes! I am glad you approve. XD

    FluffyMoth 5 days ago.

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    @yorkie_owo: Yeyeye.
    @FluffyMoth: :D

    Yaschiri 5 days ago.

    Comment ID #71299

    Hahaha glad you enjoy the thought 3:)
    Some SuexAmaya would be great too 8-D I ship it

    Sambo 7 hours ago.

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    Your drawing is very nice by the way! :)

    Sambo 7 hours ago.

    Baruc_(Artist), Daisy, Mike

    Baruc_(Artist) Daisy Mike (1158x1381, 278.4KB)

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    Cool drawing.

    SCD 1 day ago.

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    Oh right. This is why you go to a gas station instead.

    yorkie_owo 1 day ago.

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    W h a t

    Yaschiri 1 day ago.

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    *COUGHItisprobablyapackofcondomsCOUGH* Oh I should see a doctor about that cough.

    Loving the style!

    Waldo 1 day ago.

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    I was looking at this during class earlier and got in trouble for having to go outside the room because I laughing so hard at the "Just Do It"

    Felox 9 hours ago.

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    thank you very much, I'm glad them like it so much, it is the first that I uploaded :D
    sorry if I was wrong to write :P :)

    Baruc 9 hours ago.

    AbbyFoxDraws_(Artist), Lucy

    AbbyFoxDraws_(Artist) Lucy (768x1024, 88.3KB)

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    Cool Lucy drawing.

    SCD 9 hours ago.

    Augustus, excellent, not_used_(Artist)

    Augustus excellent not_used_(Artist) (1280x960, 263.8KB)

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    That burnt phosphor at the bottom isn't from the electron gun. It's being torched by the nuclear fusion created by Augustus's hotness.

    not_used 12 hours ago.

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    I like this, but what exactly am I looking at-

    Like is that some clunky *** old computer monitor and some black and white version of Apple paint or something???

    -Staring hard-

    Yaschiri 11 hours ago.

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    That's pretty awesome, and as an Apple nerd I love it even more 8-)

    Troy 11 hours ago.

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    It's displayed on the internal CRT pf the Macintosh SE/30 that I recapped almost a year ago, while inhaling the fumes of melted solder. The price of these things on ebay used to be $50 in 2007, boy how times have changed.
    I could have probably made the lines smoother if I had an optical mouse. I can usually draw/shade three times better with a mouse than a tablet, but it has to be optical.

    not_used 11 hours ago.

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    hahahahah badass

    SuitCase 10 hours ago.

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    Cool drawing, takes me back when I had the Macintosh II.

    SCD 10 hours ago.

    JayGamer_(Artist), Sandy

    JayGamer_(Artist) Sandy (800x600, 250.1KB)

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    i mean if i woke up and saw that the same person had called me 30 times in a row at 3:30 am without leaving a message i'd be pretty concerned, even if we were bound to marry at some point.

    JayGamer 2 months ago.

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    Creepy Mike be Stalkin' his waifu. :D

    Kinroth 2 months ago.

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    Physics 2 months ago.

    Comment ID #71195

    Loved how is her face react, 300/10 !

    cabalmaster 5 days ago.

    Comment ID #71292

    Oh poor Sandy :unsure:

    Troy 11 hours ago.

    human, JayGamer_(Artist), Mike

    JayGamer_(Artist) Mike human (1000x562, 121.5KB)

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    i usually draw human mike with grey hair but look at that!
    he has brown hair!!
    1920x1080 in source

    JayGamer 23 hours ago.

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    Yet another great one, Jay. Keep it up!

    Waldo 22 hours ago.

    Comment ID #71278

    oooooh!!!!! he's so cute!!!! <3333

    SirKnightAwesome 21 hours ago.

    Comment ID #71281

    this is adorable aaaa

    TrappedLikeCats 16 hours ago.

    Comment ID #71288

    really nice Mike

    Physics 12 hours ago.

    Box_(Artist), excellent, Sue

    Box_(Artist) Sue excellent (500x500, 226.1KB)

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    Acting not good enough? Sue me.

    Kuro 4 years ago.

    Comment ID #50705

    Yes I consider it acting

    hal123 4 years ago.

    Comment ID #50707

    "You want acting? Last night was acting."

    Radial 4 years ago.

    Comment ID #50708

    *Has found new favourite artist and does not want to go back*

    BarbedFire 4 years ago.

    Comment ID #51117

    Sue level: achtung!

    Cavara 4 years ago.

    Comment ID #51523

    YES. This is YES.

    NintendoSegaSonyGuy 4 years ago.

    Comment ID #55765

    Sassy Sue is sassy

    Q 4 years ago.

    Comment ID #69478

    You call that acting? :/

    Tinymike 3 months ago.

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    Lol xD XD

    Bcb14 2 months ago.

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    ZaneTheScottishFold 14 hours ago.

    Daisy, excellent, fattyfrog_(Artist), Lucy, Mike, Paulo

    Daisy Lucy Mike Paulo excellent fattyfrog_(Artist) (600x1200, 402.2KB)

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    Fattyfrog 16 hours ago.

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    This is genious.

    Waldo 15 hours ago.

    Comment ID #71283

    You did a great job on it Fattyfrog.

    SCD 15 hours ago.

    Comment ID #71284

    love it

    EvilKitty3 15 hours ago.

    Comment ID #71286

    XD Oh boy!

    ZaneTheScottishFold 14 hours ago.

    Paulo, thekingofsmooth_(Artist)

    Paulo thekingofsmooth_(Artist) (600x800, 53.5KB)

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    Better than my last one that is for sure XD, well TODAY BCB IS 10 YEARS OLD! And im just gonna leave my thanks to taeshi here. It is because of BCB that i am good enough to draw somethingl ike this, or that i even draw at all! Thank you taeshi, This comic ou made has inspired me to perserve and keep working towards my goal.

    thekingofsmooth 14 hours ago.

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