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    Abbey, AbbeyxDaisy, Augustus, BCB_Music_Meme, David, Jasmine, Jessica, Lucy, meeps114_(Artist), meme, Mike, MikexSandy, Paulo, Rachel, Tess

    Abbey AbbeyxDaisy Augustus BCB_Music_Meme David Jasmine Jessica Lucy Mike MikexSandy Paulo Rachel Tess meeps114_(Artist) meme (720x4700, 1.4MB)

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    Finally did one! As you can see, I like oldies. But yes, proportions pretty much got thrown out the window, even with a few time extensions.

    meeps114 5 years ago.

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    Yes she has >>2614

    And Rock this town by the Stray Cats? So perfect! :D

    Migrant 5 years ago.

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    Awesome, thanks!

    Yeah, I was hoping Stray Cat Strut would come up. ;_;

    meeps114 5 years ago.

    Abbey, AbbeyxDaisy, Amaya, Daisy, David, DavidxFlower_Girl, Flower_Girl, Lucy, Mike, MikexSandy, Paulo, PauloxLucy, Sandy, Shannon_(Artist)

    Abbey AbbeyxDaisy Amaya Daisy David DavidxFlower_Girl Flower_Girl Lucy Mike MikexSandy Paulo PauloxLucy Sandy Shannon_(Artist) (1000x1038, 231.6KB)

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    Send piece and its now complete. AAAAAAA I THINK IT WEIRD D:

    Shannon 5 years ago.

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    Second* piece of pic....

    Shannon 5 years ago.

    Augustus, AugustusxLucy, Lucy, Shotgun_Wizard_(Artist)

    Augustus AugustusxLucy Lucy Shotgun_Wizard_(Artist) (1000x750, 947.7KB)

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    Shotgun, have my children.

    BotonWiggles 5 years ago.

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    1 upl04d3d s0m3 w33d

    sm0k3 3m 4nd t0k3 3m

    Shotgun_Wizard 5 years ago.

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    Meowth 5 years ago.

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    I'm taking out my 3d glasses now.

    Doubletails 5 years ago.

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    3D Glasses not available in all areas

    SpaceMouse 5 years ago.

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    Hoheh 5 years ago.

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    Oh my goodness

    Tabris 5 years ago.

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    drugs are baaaaad

    MUCHAS_SMOOCHES 5 years ago.

    Doublet_(Artist), Hair_Lucy, Lucy, Paulo, PauloxLucy

    Doublet_(Artist) Hair_Lucy Lucy Paulo PauloxLucy (784x1131, 359.6KB)

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    this is awesome. you are one of my favorites doublet.

    Chris 6 years ago.

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    now THIS is nice, Doublet :3

    Migrant 6 years ago.

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    She wouldn't be having her period after one night

    Anonymous #1 6 years ago.

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    ****ing Hair Lucy infesting perfectly good fanart of stupid shippings.

    - SJ

    Anonymous #2 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #29747

    From a distance that looks like paulo's dad and lani. You know. Just sayin.

    Anonymous #3 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #29748

    i love you doublet

    SpaceMouse 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #29752

    Holy ****, you just became one of my favorite artists with this slice of heaven! :3

    KillerCobraZ117 6 years ago.

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    Yes :3

    Raxki 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #29855

    This kind of drawing style reminds me a bit of

    RedJack 6 years ago.

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    Kenshin715 5 years ago.

    Lucy, muchas_smooches_(Artist)

    Lucy muchas_smooches_(Artist) (1280x766, 30.0KB)

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    a bit too innocent and bubbly for Lucy, but oh well~

    MUCHAS_SMOOCHES 5 years ago.

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    Xu-kitty 5 years ago.

    edit, Lucy, Paulo, PauloxLucy

    Lucy Paulo PauloxLucy edit (453x285, 167.2KB)

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    lol, Mike's tiny.

    Anonymous #4 7 years ago.

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    "He's this small"

    Anonymous #5 7 years ago.

    Comment ID #3317

    Actually, she's pointing how much longer Mike is, so Paulo's the one with the tiny dick.


    SkylineFaux 7 years ago.

    Comment ID #4390

    ^They could both have huge dicks with Mike being slightly larger.

    Anonymous #6 7 years ago.

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    Just something that dug it's way into my brain and is leeching away what little common sense I have left.

    In our universe (th one where animals are not yet capable of bipedal movement and reasoning and language and such), we already compete over many things like athletic ability, penile length, intelligence, and such.
    The webcomic partially reflects our tendencies and nature as much as it dramatizes everyday life. Cats have tails, so maybe the joke is far less sexual than we perceive it to be.

    But that's retarded. It's far less funny that way.

    IdiotMan 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #25500

    love his face after she shows him

    Mirage 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #33577

    "How much bigger is Mike?!" A better, more appropriate line would've been "How big is Mike?!" Him saying "how much bigger" implies that Mike's size is the same as Paulo's plus slightly more (because of Lucy's apparent measurement). That, or I'm over-thinking the **** out of this, which I do sometimes.

    NintendoSegaSonyGuy 6 years ago.

    Comment ID #49954

    I thought she was reminding him that she can't hear (well) out of that ear, so she didn't hear what he asked.

    dhbPATHWAY1997 5 years ago.

    AbbeyxDaisy, Augustus, BCB_Music_Meme, CaptainFabulous_(Artist), Lucy, meme, MikexLucy, MikexSandy

    AbbeyxDaisy Augustus BCB_Music_Meme CaptainFabulous_(Artist) Lucy MikexLucy MikexSandy meme (716x2767, 1.3MB)

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    So...yeah. My first few drawings for this. So, who do we have?

    1. Augustus is meant to be holding a baseball bat. *headdesk*
    2. Mike and Sandy grew extra stretchy arms, and are jubilant about that.
    3. Abbey is holding a fox-type thing. It was meant to be Daisy, but...yeah.
    4. Mike sitting on a bench besides a grave. Who's grave? I don't know...Paulo's?
    5. Meant to be a shepherd's crook. *headdesk*
    But hey, I can only get better.

    CaptainFabulous 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #49402

    Well, I think that you need to start to improve the drawing concept...
    I don't want offend, but i'm serious...

    Mikanime 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #49950

    Just a quick tip: The bodies you are drawing are waaaaayyyy to o long. (Also arms reach mid-thigh length. But that won't help you until you make the bodies the right length too.)

    meeps114 5 years ago.

    comic, Laufente_(Artist), Lucy, Mike, MikexLucy, MikexSandy, parody, Sandy

    Laufente_(Artist) Lucy Mike MikexLucy MikexSandy Sandy comic parody (900x675, 182.9KB)

    Comment ID #47430

    Believe it or not, it actually seemed funny in my head. U_U''
    Well, I like how the first panel turned out, so i uploaded it anyway =P

    Laufente 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #47434

    Well, i liked a lot.

    Mayonaka 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #47441

    I see what you did here.

    ThatGuy 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #47443


    Also congratulations, this is the first thing I've seen in a while that's prompted me to log in and comment.

    Art could be improved on a little, but I thought the end panel was delightful.

    Null 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #47486

    That last panel looks so cheerful without looking too insane...

    Imagine the things she could do with that tongue...

    Anialator 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #47677

    Naruto- Lucy as sakura

    Mike as Sasuke

    and Sandy as Orochimaru

    am i right?

    lucas 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #47738

    Lololololololol 8-D XD this made me laugh very much yes!

    HappilyHorrable 5 years ago.

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    lolly87631 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #49926

    DAAAAAAAAANG she got the shiznic beat out of her and he put her on a bench and left for another girl.You know i would have beat the HELL i mean HEEEEEEEELL out of him when i woke up and found him.:-* Furious Abbey D:

    rosabell345 5 years ago.

    Kittens_(Artist), Lucy

    Kittens_(Artist) Lucy (1036x1148, 326.1KB)

    Comment ID #49909

    not bad ^^

    MRwaffle123 5 years ago.

    Amaya, BCB_Art_Meme, David, DeSpErAtE567_(Artist), Katie, Lucy, McCain, meme, Mike, MikexPaulo, MikexSandy, Paulo, Sandy, Sue, SuexMcCain

    Amaya BCB_Art_Meme David DeSpErAtE567_(Artist) Katie Lucy McCain Mike MikexPaulo MikexSandy Paulo Sandy Sue SuexMcCain meme (720x5406, 3.4MB)

    Comment ID #41220

    Apparently, I was doing this meme for about a month. Gosh, that's long!
    And I half-assed some like #'s 5-7

    DeSpErAtE567 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #41222

    This is beautiful... *sniff*

    Rureey 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #41223

    Hey this is pretty good. Nice colors.

    #'s 10 & 8

    Hero 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #41250

    Thanks, you guys!
    The color's nice? That's great, since I tried to work hard on it~

    And I'm afraid that I might be an unconscious MikexPaulo shipper :/

    DeSpErAtE567 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #41289

    My god, i love this meme!
    And i especially loled at number 10 :D

    eatedurtaco 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #41401

    #8 XD Loved it.

    Grubey 5 years ago.

    Comment ID #49907

    When a girl ships PauloxMike it's not weird. But...

    Red_Snow_Otaku 5 years ago.

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