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lmao hey I made a thing? neat
I've been reading this comic for nearly 8 years now and I've been on and off in the community (mostly off whoops)... like I think I've had 3 different account names on Candybooru, please kill me
but yeah I'm just an annoying person so I've either been too scared to interact with anyone or my sensitive ass would get all upset when I didn't make friends or anything ;v; I'm sorry, I'm just idk
ANYWAY I hope to be a little more active here now that I'm more grown up (A FRESH NEW ADULT COMIN IN TO COLLEGE HOT), and I kinda owe it to the site to do my best to bring somethin to the table since it's been such an inspiration to me :'0 actually one of the things I remember from all my old posts was I'd get all kinds of inspirational comments from Taeshi (the ULTIMATE senpai tbh) and that drove me to keep tryin!
so here's a little redo of this thing I did: e_%28Artist%29
uh?? enjoy????? I'm so sorry I'm terrible at making comments lmAO

leporibae on August 7, 2016.

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ah ur style is so bubbly i love this

squigs on August 7, 2016.

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aaaa rly rly cute!!!

lullaby on August 7, 2016.

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I request more Daisy in your style pls.

Yaschiri on August 7, 2016.

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AAH thank you guys so much for the kind comments! ;-; and all three of you are such wonderful artists to boot, I'm yellin-
also I just. realized I forgot to color in some ruffles on her sleeves oh goD

leporibae on August 8, 2016.

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This... this is just super adorable. ;_; In both versions!! The colours are so soft and it's just lovely to look at in general!

Can I just say that I really, really love your style? I will never get over how cute Daisy is in that dress. Ever. :unsure:

Strawberryblossom on August 8, 2016.

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I am incredibly flattered and stunned that you think I'm a good artist, oh gosh, thank you that's hella kind-

Yaschiri on August 9, 2016.

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Daisy looks so beautiful with those glasses!
And the style! It's so cute!

Waldo on August 9, 2016.

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....She is wearing glasses, right?

Waldo on August 10, 2016.

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omg thANK YOU ALL (again) I'M YELLIN <333333
@Yaschiri don't be shy! it's just the truth >:3c
@Waldo ye don't worry, she is! in the 2016 one at least, I can't remember what I was doin in the 2013 one, it such a hot mess omg

leporibae on August 11, 2016.