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Candybooru image #11848, tagged with Augustus CR_(Artist)


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I've never loved, but since i saw that page, i think i get what that feeling is. I don't think i like it, it hurts too much. I've got enough on my mind already, i don't need this...
Thank you, both Vero and Oliver, thank you for this experience ;_;(no sarcasm, truly grateful)

And I don't even ship them, not romantically anyway.

ps the full pic won't upload again, so go see the source (it's a bit cringeworthy, be prepared). Sorry i mislabeled this, as Lucy is not actually in this cropped version

CR 4 years ago.

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I love your style!

Raku 4 years ago.

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Love The full version!

FluffyMoth 4 years ago.