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"When I punched, his neck...

I thought that everybody would be on my side.

But then he went and blew it, all sky high.

And now she only gives me a soured look.

All just because I, gave him a hook!

When Paulo came around just to put him down, Abbey's face turned into a frown.

And no girl ever wants to date with a fool who went and, smashed his face!

I know I shouldn't hit people, I shouldn't burst, but the pain feels so much worse...

Because hearing that you're worthless can make you have a fit, like a drama fueled skit, or being a murderers kit~!

Now I learned a lesson I won't soon forget, so listen or you might regret.

Cool yourself off, don't cause a wreck, and you won't end up like the fool~ who~ punched~ his~ neck~!"

Kinroth on July 18, 2017.