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Candybooru image #12412, tagged with Abbey Augustus Daisy Lucy MagPieSkye_(Artist) Mike sketch


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AAaaaand a bunch of sketches. Mostly wanted to practice drawing cats since I generally draw people. Lucy's hair was giving me trouble which is why she gets several sketches. Just for fun I drew one of my characters (Sitka) as a cat.

MagPieSkye 2 years ago.

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I love the way you drew Lucy’s lips so much!!! Your mouths are so great ;___; Love how angular Mike and Abbey look!! Daisy is so cute and fluffy~!!!

Taeshi 2 years ago.

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Thank you Taeshi :D yeah the lips were giving me issues. The way I normally draw lips on humans didn't feel right for cats. Bah it was a learning experience that's for sure.

AAAaaand Daisy's fluff was so much fun. That was my second attempt at Daisy. The first one wasn't so good.

MagPieSkye 2 years ago.

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I mean really lips on cats haha. My mind kept trying to wrap itself around that without getting too confused.

MagPieSkye 2 years ago.

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Awesome drawings. They have that cool Marvel Comics look to them.

SCD 2 years ago.

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I absolutely adore these sketches~

TravelPastel 2 years ago.

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daisy's curls give me life and so do lucy's expressions. excellent job A+, this is great

kleine 2 years ago.

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MikexSandyforlife 2 years ago.