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Candybooru image #12684, tagged with AbbeyxLucy AmayaxAugustus blitzkerg_(Artist) kittens


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first fanart .-. wanted to do one for my precious (presumably boys?) from the kickstarter.. sorry for no colors, I'm getting a tablet later this year :) I added the bow tie to AugustusxAmaya baby cuz I thought it'd be cute homage to (presumably his?) mom's bow..

AbbeyxLucy would be a beast for sure I think

blitzkerg 4 years ago.

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wow, considering that last picture of them makes it seem that abbey x lucy is really cheerful and silly all the time (pretty much like david) but when his friends get bullied, hoo boy does he get wild. makes me love him even more <3

Terry 4 years ago.

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this is certified Very Good!!!! i look forward to seeing more of your stuff!

kleine 4 years ago.