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Candybooru image #13494, tagged with Cosplay Daisy Wavestripe_(Artist)


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I totally forgot my cosplay was something I can upload on here, I figured it was only for 2D and 3D arts!! Until I saw another cosplayer in here haha

Daisy x Paulo implied because they're my sweet children (Also cause my daisy plush didn't come in before the con so I couldn't carry her around :( )

Wavestripe on April 21, 2018.

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What a nice Daisy cosplay!!!

TravelPastel on April 21, 2018.

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oh i love your cosplay!!
i love love how you treated the ears!!

Box on April 21, 2018.

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very cute!

Welp_Noop on April 22, 2018.

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The costume came out great, you did a good job on it.

SCD on April 23, 2018.