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Candybooru image #14011, tagged with Abbey AbbeyxJasmine Amaya Augustus AugustusxLucy BCB_Art_Meme Daisy Human_Lucy Jasmine Jessica Jordan Lucy Lucy's_mother Matt MattxJordan Melanie Mike Paulo PauloxDaisy Sandy human_Sandy kittens kleine_(Artist)


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this took me about a month (you can tell by the now very-late birthday wish for vero lol) but i finally did it! i've been wanting to for years! it took a lot of experimenting and time and effort but overall it was lots of fun and im glad i finally got around to it.

happy new year everyone!

kleine 2 years ago.

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These are all really good! A month well spent! I really love how you've explored doing pixel art and your renditions of the characters as humans, they're really creative!

LackLuster 2 years ago.

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WHEEZES THAT LAST ONE..... THAT LAST ONE AAAAAA ;____; what an amazing start to the new year I love this so much!!!!!!!!!!!! The pixels are so cute and the FATHER PAULO sand I love how you did human Sandy and Lucy!!!! They’re great!!!

Taeshi 2 years ago.

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oh this is one of the best ones in a while, thank you for devoting so much time to this, it cheered me up!!!

SuitCase 2 years ago.

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Lucy is TOTALLY valor

also uncle paulo is great

SpaceMouse 2 years ago.

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And I am also autistic, and I can't draw shit! YOU ARE AMAZING (MattxJordan for life!!)

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The sweetest BCB picture is so... WOW.

Angel5a 2 years ago.