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Candybooru image #14249, tagged with Amaya Augustus Daisy David Lucy Mike Paulo Sue Taeshi_(Artist) animated edit iGamr_(Artist) parody


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I know that Mike ends up getting hit by someone, I just wonder who.
Lucy, I hope.

fantasmaazul 2 years ago.

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mike likes calling others toxic, but oh boy, have the tables turned... :P

Jazz 2 years ago.

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@fantasmaazul: I hope not Lucy, she's become better since her "violent days" and I don't want one lil grey furball to ruin her development. I'd take my guess on Paulo, but really I'm hoping Augustus will just step between them and tell Mike to back off. I don't want anyone to resolve to violence 'cause it always ends up worsening things. :<

Yumikarp 2 years ago.

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The true villain of the comic.

SCD 2 years ago.

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You so mean Mike.

DeathofInk 2 years ago.