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The collage of rewards for those who helped us reach the amazing $1312 donation total as we raised funds for a Black Lives Matter protest group in Austin, TX who needed gas masks and hard hats.

Many of the characters are OCs, but there were lots of BCB requests too!

SuitCase 8 months ago.

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Thanks again!! You did an amazing job on me and my boyf!! :love:

Giraffeics 8 months ago.

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Brian the Raven: Nevermore! Whee!

Lucy: This was the size of Mike's heart, after I ripped it out of him!

Jessica: Let's go team! Even though you're 30 points behind!

David: I'm not David, I'm his father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.

Baron: Apple core!

Daisy: You wanna get high?

Timmy: Who left this garbage next to our store?
Tommy: Not me! Maybe the Able sisters?
Bam: It was me! Kablang!

David: Noooooo! Flower Girl will hate me now!

Paulo: Yay! I got a coconut! I'm also going to break my back as well! Yay!

Sonic: Hey! He's wearing my favorite clothes!
Tails: Looks like Metal gave your favorite clothes to someone else again.

SCD 8 months ago.

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Everything came out perfect Taeshi.

RandomDrawer 8 months ago.

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Sorry Sonic, your favorite clothes are belong to my boyfren now

Giraffeics 8 months ago.

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Wth did you need gas masks in Texas for?

PepeLePew 8 months ago.

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That poor David D:

Darkwolf328 7 months ago.