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Candybooru image #15213, tagged with Koge-Donbo_(Artist) Lucy excellent sketch


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A longtime idol of mine, Koge-Donbo*, creator of Di Gi Charat, Kamichama Karin, Pita Ten (and many more things) has a Fanbox campaign where one can get a birthday sketch in exchange for supporting her.

Since it was Vero’s birthday coming up, I asked if she’d draw a certain angry catgirl designed by another mangaka I love, and if I could post it here. I'm over the moon o(>ω<)o

SuitCase on January 3, 2022.

Comment ID #90273

THIS IS SUCH A SWEET GIFT SOUPPY THANK YOUUUUUU it is so cool and i’m so happy and i love you ;______;

Also a very inspiring kinda campaign

Taeshi on January 3, 2022.