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did yall think i was DONE being on my sucy^2 bullshit? absolutely not. i am nothing but a dedicated wlw

slowivy on January 10, 2022.

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To give a brief summary of how i see these fankids personalities:

Juliet (Sue/Sandy) is more punk/goth than her moms are!
Kinda showing Auncle Amaya's influence, of course, but also it shows how Sandy grows to accept other aesthetics and bodytypes and lets her kid dress as they wish - like sandy will make SURE her kid's well groomed and dressed to impress, but she'll do it her kid's way, in a way Sandy herself never got the freedom to choose. Still gave them both a heart attack when she came home with piercings she absolutely did not have before leaving for schooll.

Cynthia (Sandy/Lucy)is the soft-spoken, polite sibling, who takes after Lucy in having Mom Friend Energy. Like Sandy, though, she has a hard time slowing down and acting her age, and is always looking towards graduation. "Stop and smell the roses" is not in her vocabulary.

Hazel (Sue/Lucy) is opinionated and unafraid to let you know what those opinions are - when drama happens in her friend group, she tries her best to stay out of it...but she has to give her opinion or she'll DIE-

slowivy on January 10, 2022.

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hello, I'd die for them all

planiteri on January 12, 2022.