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Candybooru image #2071, tagged with Dancing-sword_(Artist) David Melody MelodyxDavid fancharacter


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Sorry that is this only a sketch. I had some free time after I finished the art requests,I thought I'd do a little nonsense comic since someone asked for Melody fanart. Keyword: nonsense.

Dancing-Sword 9 years ago.

Comment ID #10202

hahahahaha oh wow dancing-sword i love you

SpaceMouse 9 years ago.

Comment ID #10207

like the undying words of the heavy ''oh this is bad''

emperor_bacon 9 years ago.

Comment ID #10257

ahahah. poor melody.
also, DS. there is something wrong with your mail address. it wont let me answer your mail...

Gnukko 9 years ago.

Comment ID #10280

David can detect women not-in-pain from a mile away in a bullet proof safe.

happehface 9 years ago.

Comment ID #23472

O.o lul

macaron 9 years ago.