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Candybooru image #2209, tagged with Carmen_(Artist) Sandy


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All I listened to while drawing this was Ke$ha songs over and over again.

Carmen 8 years ago.

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That is some jamming clothes, I love her sunglasses!

Taeshi 8 years ago.

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asdf so beautifuuuuul!

Effie 8 years ago.

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The following picture was taken during a photo shoot.... wait, what's that? This was drawn?


Gimmie a second there Bill...

David_Ideas_Inc 8 years ago.

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:O wowie wow :O

rocketpony 8 years ago.

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looks awesome, but she's still a bitch Mad Lucy

Panda 7 years ago.

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Seriously what's your deal with hating Sandy so much. You have yet to give any good reasons as to why she's a "Bitch"

Anonymous #1 7 years ago.