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Candybooru image #3094, tagged with Kiwi_(Artist) Storm_(Artist) parody


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i ninja first comment.

also, how do i make my name gold here?

the_wii_anonymous 8 years ago.

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Me and some friends had a contest to see who could draw French Jigglypuff best.
I won, and Wii anonymous got last.
If you want, you can tell us who you thought won, but all this inspiration came from Taeshi's one panel.

Taeshi won in the end I guess.

Stormthehouse 8 years ago.

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p.s. THIS ART WAS DONE WITH MOUSE! kiwi half-you knwo what his, and mien would of been beter if drawn with a pen or something.

the_wii_anonymous 8 years ago.

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Can someone please delete this ****.

RickAstley 8 years ago.

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Kiwi wins hands down.

Anialator 8 years ago.

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Me, the_wii_anonymous, and Kiwi should do this every Saturday.
It was fun, maybe next week we do a more... prominent BCB character.
Or perhaps one so far on the fringe only those who read Taeshi's page comments will get it [perhaps a togetic next time?]
Anyways, it was fun.
And Kiwi winning? I guess I can see that.

Harsh RickAstley... very harsh... although well-deserved XD

Stormthehouse 8 years ago.

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This poster is too epic to unlock! lol

If anyone gets the reference to Iji on the bottom left jigglypuff, YOU ARE THE BEST PERSON EVERRRRR! (I doubt anyone will, though, seeing as that poster was pretty well hidden)

No, seriously, if you haven't played it, download it. NOW. Just google "Iji", it'll be the only thing that occurs for the first fifteen pages of google. Best freeware game on the face of the planet and will be for the next four and seventy-three thousandths millennium. (And NO it does not look as crappy as the jigglypuff, it actually looks pretty cool)

Anonymous #1 8 years ago.