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Candybooru image #3706, tagged with Jessica Mellama_(Artist) Rachel excellent


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This was a charity commission for Super Charity Go ( in late 2009 (when Typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines, ohmeohmy. Also where I happen to live!) I finally got the time to make it, so thank you SO MUCH for donating, Suitcase!

Mellama 8 years ago.

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Oh my god, is that you Melissa ;____; Oh my god this is just the best thank you!!!

Taeshi 8 years ago.

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this is fantastic.

Gnukko 8 years ago.

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Hi Vero!!! (Uhm, does this count as spam? I RESPOND WITH MUCH ADORATION)

Yes, it's me! :D I'm so glad you like it dear! <3 I'm so happy to see how great BCB is working out, and NER too. I hope art school is treating you kindly!

Mellama 8 years ago.

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Super excellent, isn't it? >>253 was the other thing to come out of this opportunity to quasi-commission people. And, presumably, more happy people in the world, due to whatever small amount I was able to throw into the Super Charity Go pile. Either way, I think I did very well with both, especially now as Jess\Rachel friend pics are kind of under-represented on Candybooru!

Isn't it nice that Melissa donated her time to make this? Golly.

SuitCase 8 years ago.

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What Gnukko said!

I mean seriously this is just so beautiful oAo
Look at the colors! the colooorrrs

Lisa 8 years ago.

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no lineart makes this looks so fantastic! Great Job :D

MyNamesLucyToo 8 years ago.

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Nnnnhhh! So amazinggg, Jessie looks so cutee. <333 and Rachel does too~! Nyaa. I love no lineart on stuff, Just makes it look more.. lifelike in a way! Amazing job! And you really did a good thing with the charity~! C:

RachelVang 8 years ago.

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Jessica, "Mmmm, almost as good as cat dick!"

Anonymous #1 8 years ago.

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Anon 1, It's Rachael that likes dem cat dicks. Get it right.

BotonWiggles 8 years ago.

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Oh wow. Wow... this is just, no words can describe it! O.O

Migrant 8 years ago.

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Woo! Love this.

Not fond of those characters but this is so well drawn...

zoestell37 8 years ago.

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The ice-creams almost look 3D! YUM! :D

Itzumi 8 years ago.