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Candybooru image #4033, tagged with Abbey BCB_Art_Meme Daisy Lucy Meow_(Artist) Mike MikexLucy Sandy


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Pretty decent I guess, I'd like to see more of your work :D
I can't really be judgmental knowing that I can barely draw for shit (besides, there is far worse on this place :P )

Anonymous #1 on July 18, 2011.

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"Kiwi" gave me a chuckle.

Sammy on July 18, 2011.

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6 was funny, all the rest is rubbish. More effort next time.

Migrant on July 18, 2011.

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Nice to know you're MikexLucy, but come ON

Why do all the Sandy haters have no reason for it?

- SJ

Anonymous #2 on July 18, 2011.

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You mean the same way there's no good reason for MikexLucy SJ~

JuniorBoomer on July 18, 2011.

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MikexLucy, Sandy Haters with chibi avatars seem to be so common around here.

Anonymous #3 on July 18, 2011.

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Really good and cute :) and migrant be a little nicer everyone draws and expresses themselves differently so it's better to encourage not put down.

Anonymous #4 on July 18, 2011.

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It's better not to lie.

Anonymous #5 on July 18, 2011.

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@JuniorBoomer Why do you want mike to be with someone who has no apparent personality and who he hasn't seen since 3rd grade? she isn't even that pretty. like another person said before, she's more of an idea than a character (aka 1D character.. and I hate to say this but a MARY SUE) since we have not seen much of her personality unlike lucy, paulo, mike or daisy.

BasketCase on July 18, 2011.

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basketcase do you even understand what a mary sue is

SpaceMouse on July 18, 2011.

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@Spacemouse Apparently not!
@BasketCase Nigga you stupid.

Credence on July 18, 2011.

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@Basketcase First off, lets ask ourselves a question. Are both parties in this relationship happy? The answer being an obvious yes. Secondly, why does it matter that he hasn't seen her if they've been writing letters back and forth, calling each other, and texting each other? Not to mention that the both of them enjoy their interaction together. "She isn't even that pretty" - Basketcase & "She easily can hook up with any guy if she wanted to because she is pretty." - Basketcase. Nice contradiction you've got going there. Spacemouse already covered how you have no idea what a mary sue is. Sure we haven't seen much of her at the moment, but that doesn't mean she's got nothing going for her. If she was 1D I doubt Mike would have as much fun communicating with her. I don't see how MikexSandy is a bad couple for either Mike or Sandy. So yeah if both of the people are happy I'm not going to say no to it, unlike people trying to force MikexLucy together where Lucy will never be cured of her dependence issues and Mike will have to keep dealing with issues relating to that, not to mention at this moment in time in the story Mike doesn't even like Lucy like that since he has gotten over her.

JuniorBoomer on July 18, 2011.

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@JuniorBoomer I fully agree with your (large) statement. :)

Anonymous #6 on July 19, 2011.

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I do hate her too. It may be just me, but she's both pretty, has the money, has the bright future, a handsome boyfriend, and I can't see any of her flaws(except the really flat boobs). To me, she seems a bit like a mary sue. But we can't tell if she's cheating or not, so yeah, that's no reason to hate her.

Comostraut on November 9, 2011.