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Candybooru image #4099, tagged with Lucy Taeshi_(Artist)


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As requested by Tae on twitter, the original, uncolored lineart.

SpaceMouse 8 years ago.

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Oh ****, I needed a moment to take the "love me" fanfict reference. Nice work bro.


Anonymous #1 8 years ago.

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Anonymous #2 8 years ago.

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Does this have anything to do with Persona 4?

Anonymous #3 8 years ago.

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no, no it doesnt anonymous3, it has to do with the fanfic called "love me" by maverik as seen here: . Oh and btw if you have any attachment to mikexlucy i would suggest you steer clear of this particular work :D

Gira156 8 years ago.

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I'm gonna go see puppies now...

Comostraut 7 years ago.

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I just read the fan fiction. Good job on the details about how the body would work. How do you know that stuff. But as far as plot goes...Well I predicted the ending before after you Sandy in disguise revealed Lucy and it showed she was taped at the mouth. It's too obvious to someone like me who's seen all kinds of twisted plots an stuff. Too predictable. I had actually thought of this before she showed Lucy to Mike, but wasn't sure.

Alkaizer87 7 years ago.