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Candybooru image #4247, tagged with Lynx_(Artist) Paulo PauloxTess


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Pencil, paper A3. It's about the Paulo & Tess prom dance, although there is a whole lotta things drawn wrong or badly.

Lyrics are from Leonard Cohen's song Dance me to the end of love. Everything that has anything to do with BCB is (c) Taeshi.

Lynx 10 years ago.

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i think this is hilarious, and i like it quite a bit, especially the iron-hearted bitch bit

Tabris 10 years ago.

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Dance the dance of life

Meowth 10 years ago.

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lol "im an iron hearted bitch""but im a friggin' Somali!" hilarious. this is awesome. PauloxTess Needs to work. if it doesnt i WILL cry

Anonymous #1 10 years ago.

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They do make a good couple, but it's not going to be easy to convince her to let their relationship go any further given how it's already almost December of her last year of high school. And in the end, they both have the ability to not let their regrets control their lives completely, so they'll be alright in the end whatever happens.

Anonymous #2 10 years ago.

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I like the broken BCB logo pin insert ion the last panel there. A nice touch.

Migrant 10 years ago.

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Thank you everyone for feedback and comments!

Anon #2, I agree. Paulo's and Tess's relationship is a bittersweet one: their love is impossible, yet it's still true.

Migrant, glad you noticed! In the BCB comic, Tess has a heart-shaped necklace with a standard keyhole. In the drawing there's a BCB pin-shaped hole in her necklace. I tried to insert a broken pin key to Paulo's hand, but couldn't find a good place for it, so instead I draw a broken pin with two broken "hearts" (I guess the pin itself represents Mike's scarf and Lucy's or Sandy's ribbon). The idea was that Paulo possessed a key to Tess's heart but it was broken.

Also, both Paulo's and Tess's eyes have a BCB pin-shaped pupil. Dance moves are mainly tango or samba. BCB title is supposed to look like a shadow of dancers from different lights. I would really like to see the result if someone with some drawing skill could show his/her view on this and redraw it.

Lynx 10 years ago.

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oh noes now that song is folliwing me to Bittersweet Candybowl D:

btw cool Idea :D

Anonymous #3 10 years ago.

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Anonymous #4 10 years ago.