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Candybooru image #4596, tagged with Daisy Lucy Mike MikexLucy Paulo Tess eh_(Artist)


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Just wanted to thank everyone for all the comments on my last image! :D This was supposed to be a one time thing, but these characters are just too much fun to draw, so I put together some sketches. The style changed a bit since the last picture, hopefully not for the worse :)
(Also, the tagging part makes me a tad confused, so don’t kill me if it’s not entirely correct.)
Enjoy, E.H

eh 10 years ago.

Comment ID #38840

HAHAHAHAHAH THE SOLUTION that's great, oh my god you have such an interesting style ;___; I especially like how Paulo turned out.

And man that Tess is hardcore.

Taeshi 10 years ago.

Comment ID #38841

Wow, that's pretty neat. Good work!
Loved the handsome mike in the top right corner :P

Your style vaguely reminds me of 3D animations.

Dat Tess 8-)

Hero 10 years ago.

Comment ID #38843

W-O-W. This is great! I love the way you draw. I really likes Lucy's expression and oh man that Tess is the coolest!

Itzumi 10 years ago.

Comment ID #38847

Yes times infinity

Null 10 years ago.

Comment ID #38850

OMG i love this! please draw more!
i love your tess!
and fucking LOL!

awesome, just AWESOME!
post more post more!

Tabris 10 years ago.

Comment ID #38855

Dayum dat Tess.
Draw more Tess please? :D

Mr_Klaus 10 years ago.

Comment ID #38866

The style reminds me of the jackals from The Lion King
Of course that only makes me like it more

skmojo 10 years ago.

Comment ID #38902

Ah, a good example of male ingenuity! He has the look of a man satisfied with his quick thinking.

TheMagnificentDuck 10 years ago.